Is Champagne Gold The New Champagne Pop? Here’s What We Know

With the news that BECCA Cosmetics' Prosecco Pop has seemingly become a permanent shade for the brand, fans of both BECCA and their Prosecco Pop collaborator Jaclyn Hill are wondering why both social media accounts have been silent. Now, a highlighter named Champagne Gold has made its way onto the BECCA website and fans — myself included — are wondering what's going on with the cult classic highlighter from everyone's favorite brand and YouTube collaboration. Is Champagne Gold the new Champagne Pop? Here's what I know so far.

While Bustle has reached out to BECCA Cosmetics regarding Champagne Pop and Champagne Gold, we are still waiting to hear back. Until then, I'll be looking at exactly what's going down on the internet. The first interesting development is that while Champagne Pop was always exclusive to Sephora, there's a new Champagne-themed product over at BECCA's website that is not on the Sephora website. While that's not too weird since not every BECCA product is up at Sephora, it still is interesting since they offer every other shade. Honestly, the Champagne name is intriguing as well.

Next up, Prosecco Pop was made a permanent shade, and based on internet buzz and an article from Teen Vogue, Jaclyn Hill seemed not to be involved in the decision to release it as a single at all.

As for Sephora, they're still stocking Champagne Pop, but they don't stock Champagne Gold. In fact, Champagne Pop is still available at Sephora in creme, liquid, and powder forms. It looks like if you want to snag Champagne Pop, you'll need to get it from Sephora. If you want to try the mysterious Champagne Gold, you'll need to head to BECCA's website.

So far, Prosecco Pop's launch as a permanent shade is what's really causing waves, but that launch triggered my curiosity about Champagne Pop. If the reaction to Hill not being connected to Prosecco Pop is making news, fans may be curious about this new champagne-themed highlighter.

According to this Twitter user, BECCA has reformulated some of their higlighters. Maybe Champagne Pop was one of them and subsequently renamed, although Champagne Gold is definitely not the same color as the former. This news hasn't been confirmed, but it would make sense with the name change. The Champagne Gold highlighter also features the geometric patterns of a prismatic highlighter.

I'm not sure where BECCA and Jaclyn Hill stand, but I do know that fans of the brand's highlighter have a new shade they can add to their collection. As for Champagne Pop, it looks like you'll need to stock up at Sephora. At least everyone wins when it comes to having some stellar highlight.