Want To Intern For Chance The Rapper?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Start sprucing up those résumés, guys, because the job opportunity of a lifetime just got announced. Word on the street is that Chance the Rapper needs an intern. That's right: Chance the Rapper is in need of a presumably musically minded intern, who knows how to put "together decks" and is good at "writing proposals." Uh, did someone say "dream job"?

You can practically hear thousands of fans of Chance's opening up their Word documents and furiously typing up their cover letters now that the Grammy winner has revealed he needs an extra pair of hands on deck. There is no confirmation that Chance is 100 percent serious, but fingers crossed that he is. (A rep for Chance the Rapper could not be reached by Bustle at the time of publication.) It's not difficult to imagine that Chance is in need of an intern following a considerable spike in popularity, visibility, and quantity of work he has taken on in the last few months.

Following his Grammy wins in early 2017, Chance has notably become a voice and donor to Chicago Public Schools. He reportedly donated $1 million to the Chicago Public School system in response to a vague and unfulfilling meeting with Governor Bruce Rauner in early March. Additionally, Chance has been posting Instagram videos of himself jamming out to a variety of beats (all of them amazing, might I add) in the studio; is this another hit album in the works? No matter which direction chance decides to go in, he'll definitely need an intern to pick up the slack.

As one might suspect, there were a ton of fans who enthusiastically replied via Twitter to his announcement. There were a few brazen replies that literally just posted their résumés. Others joked that if they weren't qualified, they'd sure as heck get qualified before their first day of work.

Chance also shared a second tweet, where he provided a Gmail address to submit applications. That sure makes it sound like he's not kidding around.

Now, the only question left for Chance to answer is whether or not this alleged internship is paid or not. Real talk, though: Would it matter?