All The Clues That Chelsea Might Be The 2018 Bachelorette

Paul Hebert/ABC

As Arie's Bachelor season gets down to the final contenders, it's time to start wondering about who will be the next Bachelorette. Could Chelsea Roy be the 2018 Bachelorette? Of course, the next Bachelorette hasn't been chosen yet and likely won't be revealed until Arie's Bachelor season comes to a close, but naturally, the speculation has begun. During Season 22, Chelsea earned the coveted First Impression rose and has many fans rooting for her, which definitely bodes well for the single mom's chances at becoming the next female lead of the franchise.

In a blog post for People, Arie wrote that he liked Chelsea's boldness and her courage in taking risks. He wrote:

Then, there was Chelsea. She boldly pulled me first and was the only woman to pull me twice. When she came and pulled me a second time, she went in for a kiss. I know it took a lot of courage and ultimately, I want the women to take risks. I want a partner who is fiercely independent, who is her own person, and who knows what she wants. Chelsea was still such a mystery to me and I could not wait to learn more. This is why I gave her the First Impression rose.

And all of that makes her a good candidate for Bachelorette. Here are some other clues that are in Chelsea's favor.

She Received The First Impression Rose

Paul Hebert/ABC

I'm pointing this out again, because this is pretty key. Many First Impression Rose recipients have gone onto become franchise leads and Chelsea may follow.

Before Rachel Lindsay became the Bachelorette, she received the all-important rose during Nick Viall's Bachelor season. Viall himself received the rose and eventually became the Bachelor. Chris Soules gave Britt Nilsson the First Impression rose and she went on to be a short-lived co-Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe.

On Jan. 9, Chelsea reflected on the importance of this rose in a post on Instagram. She posted a photo of herself and Arie giving her the First Impression rose and wrote in the caption:

As I look back on my purpose and personal experience the first night, this rose represents that intention, truth and determination can make dreams come alive.

She's A Mom

If you're thinking that this would be a reason to not pick Chelsea, you would be wrong. Emily Maynard (Arie's ex) was the first Bachelorette single mom, so it has been done before. That being said, there hasn't been a mom Bachelorette since, so isn't it about time there was another one?

She's A "Villain" Turned New Favorite

When Season 22 premiered, some media outlets had already dubbed Chelsea as the "villain" of Arie's season, but that talk seemed to quiet down as the season continued and fans took a liking to her — while other "villain" candidates (ahem, Krystal) emerged.

And ever since Chelsea's elimination, fans have been asking (via Twitter) for her to be the next Bachelorette.

It's "Only The Beginning"

After her elimination episode aired, Chelsea posted a succinct not-quite-a-farewell post on her Instagram on Feb. 5. In the caption of the selfie, she wrote:

The show must go on! [rose emoji] THANK YOU to each and every person who supported me along this journey. This is only the beginning of something beautiful [heart emojis]

Hmm. That doesn't sound like someone who is waving goodbye to the Bachelor franchise forever. And what could she mean by "only the beginning"? Could it mean that she'll start a new journey... as the Bachelorette? It seems like it could be possible.

For now, fans will have to wait until Arie's season is over and the Bachelorette is officially announced, but Chelsea definitely seems like she'd be a good choice for the next Bachelorette lead.