Well, 'Bachelor' Fans Already Decided Who This Season's Villain Is

Every season of The Bachelor always comes with a few elements: Rose ceremonies, awkward group dates, and of course, a villain or two for good measure. But did Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s token bad girl establish herself way too early this time around? Chelsea is The Bachelor villain this season — according to fans' tweets, anyway.

When Chelsea first introduced herself, she seemed really sweet. Who doesn't want to root for a single mom who's looking for love and someone who's also a good role model for her son? And once she met Arie (as the first woman out of a limo), she made a really good impression. But once she got into the mansion, everything changed. She started commenting on how there were "no threats" among the other women there... and that was just the beginning. She had a lot of commentary about the limo arrivals, and most of it was mean. Really mean. Too mean for knowing these women for 15 minutes. And then, she acted like she didn't care about the other contestants' feelings simply because she had a child at home, which isn't OK at all. You can have priorities and go about them in a nicer way.

Now that Bachelor fans have had the chance to "meet" Chelsea, they're not thrilled about her.

They Saw Her As The "Villain" From The Get-Go

Seasoned viewers recognized the pattern.

Chelsea Reminded Some Of A "Villain" From Years Past

Olivia Caridi was left on an island during a two-on-one date on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, so suffice it to say that being maligned on national television doesn't pay.

Viewers Didn't Appreciate Chelsea's Comments

It never looks good for women to cut each other down, and this night was no exception.

And Some Are Already Over It

But knowing The Bachelor, Chelsea will make it really far just so people keep paying attention.

Especially After Chelsea Got The First Impression Rose

There's no accounting for taste, especially on reality television.

Many Also Didn't Buy Her Single Mom Excuse

You don't get to be a mean girl or bend the rules just because you're a mom.

Seasoned viewers know that good contestants — the ones who get to stay on the show a while — have a gimmick or angle to their story, but damn, Chelsea, you are coming in way too hot for night one of The Bachelor. Maybe we can give Chelsea the benefit of the doubt and say that the wine and the long shooting times and her excitement about Arie's being the Bachelor went right to her head and made her super amped about spending time with him post-limo arrival, but if Chelsea wants to make any friends and not be ripped apart on social media by the legions of The Bachelor viewers, this villain storyline needs to get dialed back.

Also, how terrible is it that we need a villain on this show at all? The villain edit is so tired when it comes to groups of women. There's always a catfight, always tears, always drama. While I realize that no one will watch if there's nothing to watch, wouldn't it be nice if all of these women could chill and go on dates with Arie and not make horrible, cutting remarks to one another? Can't we all just get along? I suppose not, but when it comes to The Bachelor, Chelsea's villain game is strong — way too strong — and she needs to turn down the intensity or risk being cast out by Arie.