Chilli Opened Up About Heartbreak & Celibacy On 'Girls Cruise'

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lil Kim's new reality series Girls Cruise has set sail. The rapper brought along some very familiar faces from the music industry, including Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas from girl super-group TLC. The singer lives a relatively quiet life hanging out with her son Tron, but Chilli opened up about a recent heartbreak on Girls Cruise as well as her current life as a single, celibate, and confident woman.

In the premiere episode, Chilli, Mya, Kim, Kim's bestie Tiffany Panhilason, and comediennes B. Simone and Pretty Vee made their way to Barbados for some fun in the sun. Kim jokingly suggested that Chilli hook up with one of the hot guys on the yacht staff and even left some condoms and lubricant on her nightstand. Chilli laughed off her friend's hints, but she also made it crystal clear where she stands when it comes to vacation hookups and one-night stands.

"My celibacy is solely based on my relationship with God," said Thomas. "It is difficult. I wanna have sex! But, it's important to me so it is what it is." Chilli also let the crew know that she will be turning up on adrenaline alone because she does not drink alcohol due to her spiritual beliefs. Thankfully, everyone respected her boundaries and didn't make her feel like an outsider because of her choices.

Later in the episode, B. Simone asked Chilli about what qualities she wanted in a man and the conversation progressed towards her relationship status. Chilli revealed that she recently lost the only soulmate she's ever had in her life. As expected, she stayed mum about the specific person but she was obviously saddened over losing this person. At the end, Chilli said she hopes to meet an amazing man but if she doesn't then it's all good because she loves her life as a mom and entertainer.

Chilli's journey towards finding love in the public eye has been well-documented from a high-profile relationship with Usher to What Chilli Wants, her former reality show about her quest to find love. In 2018, Thomas told Essence that she was dating a mystery man from a different racial background, which means he is likely the person whom she is referring to as the soulmate who got away.

At the end of the episode, a sneak peek of the remainder of Girls Cruise shows Chilli having a good time at Carnival, doing the limbo, hitting the dance floor with a man, and supporting her cruise family as they open up about their deepest challenges. Lil Kim told viewers that the purpose of this trip was to bring fun, healing, and new experiences into her friends' lives and it looks like this was the perfect vacation to help Chilli move past her pain.

Will Chilli find love again? Probably not on this cruise. After all, what are the chances of seeing these guys again? But, this experience might be exactly what she needs to open her heart up to love again and continue to live a satisfying life - with or without a man.