Instead Of Getting Married, Christmas Went On 'Big Brother 19'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Given the wealth of showmances on Season 19 of Big Brother, the number of houseguests not coupled up is quite limited. Still, there are several competitors without an in-house partner. Both Jason and Kevin have families, and Jason has confirmed he's married, while Paul has made it abundantly clear he's only there for friendship. But what about the others? Is Big Brother 19 star Christmas single?

According to her Big Brother interview with Jeff Schroeder, she is, but she's not necessarily looking for romance. "I'm looking to win," Christmas said in the video. "If the chemistry is there and it only increases my game, then it might be considered. I'm not opposed to it, but I'm also not going in trying to find a boyfriend."

She did express interest in Matt when everyone first met, calling him a "silver fox," but, as viewers know, he quickly paired off with Raven. Off-camera, Christmas' relationship status has caused a bit of a stir. Curious fans were quick to point out that it appears she was recently engaged to a man named Geoff Kercher.

Back in October, she posted a photo of herself with him on Instagram while wearing what looks like an engagement ring. The caption reads:

"My Knight in the Shadows has made it official! Never have I had someone who loved me for exactly who I am, the way he does. It feels so incredible to start the rest of my life with my best friend and partner #offthemarket #christmasandgeoff."

Redditor dakorpsta also dug up a registry on TheKnot.com that seems to have belonged to Christmas and her fiancé, but a scroll through her Instagram feed reveals the most recent snapshot of the two is from Valentine's Day — a full six months ago.

Christmas hasn't addressed her engagement on-air, but she did discuss it during a highlight from the live feed. While speaking with Jessica, she explained that she had cleared her travel-packed schedule for the summer and fall to prepare for her wedding (the registry lists the date as Sept. 3), but had to cancel when things didn't work out. There is, however, one small silver lining: It opened the door to Big Brother: "[When they called] I was like, 'Yeah, I'm free.' I would love some distractions," she said in the clip.

Several weeks into the show, she's still going it solo, but she's playing the game just fine on her own.