Dev Landed A Sweet Job On 'Master Of None'


While the trailer for Master Of None Season 2 shows Dev romantically traipsing around Italy, the vacation has to end at some point. During the second season, Dev does return to New York where he lands a new gig. But, it's different than the roles we have seen him take on before — Dev is hosting food show Clash Of The Cupcakes. While Dev is a culinary connoisseur, the competitive baking show may not be the foray into food media he had in mind.

Baking shows are ubiquitous these days, there are shows about cake decorating, holiday treats, children baking, et al. And, they are on channels from the Food Network to PBS to Netflix, and many in between. It is obvious from the title that the fictional Clash Of The Cupcakes is likely most similar to Food Network's Cupcake Wars. While Clash Of The Cupcakes is not a real show, it is believable considering the amount of food and baking related shows on TV.

Dev is an urbane, modern man, with sophisticated acting and entertainment dreams. Last season, Dev was facing issues like being typecast, rejection, and always searching for a new gig. Clash Of The Cupcakes will show a new step in Dev's career. While a cupcake show may not be where he wants to end up, it certainly is a big jumping off point for visibility, given the show's food connections and popularity. It also is consistent work for Dev. He can pay the bills. But, will he be recognized as more than that guy from that cupcake show?

Let's not forget that these shows are also popular because they are often downright delightful. I mean, have you seen The Great British Bake Off? Dev may have landed the best job in the business. We'll just have to wait and see if Clash Of The Cupcakes opens culinary entertainment doors for pasta-loving, Nashville-white-barbecue-sauce-buying Dev in Season 2.