Ulta Might Be Selling A Cult-Favorite Makeup Brand Soon & It's Huge News

A popular makeup rumor has resurfaced in the social media realm. Last summer, Ulta Beauty seemed to confirm that it would stock ColourPop products soon via a reply to a random customer tweet. This happened right as the Internet-adored brand was launching in Sephora stores after years of selling its affordable products solely through its website. At the time, both ColourPop and Ulta confirmed to Bustle that there were no plans for a partnership between the two beauty behemoths.

UPDATE: ColourPop reps confirmed via a press release on Feb. 23 that select ColourPop products will indeed be sold at Ulta as of Feb. 25.

However, two heavily followed makeup news Instagram feeds are once again reporting that an assortment of ColourPop products will allegedly be sold at Ulta locations and on its website as soon as Feb. 25.

Both TrendMood and HotFire Makeup have shared the rumored news, linking back to their sources. As a result, makeupistas are totally stoked and extremely curious about what products could be involved.

That's completely understandable, since ColourPop's offerings are super on-trend and come in an extensive variety of colors and textures. Wider availability at Ulta is such a good thing. In addition to further purchasing options, it also introduces the brand to more customers and helps it continue to grow.

HotFire's Instagram post also suggested that ColourPop's Super Shock eyeshadows and Ultra Matte lipsticks could be lining Ulta shelves.

As of press time, either Ulta nor ColourPop have posted this news on their respective Instragram or Twitter feeds. Bustle reached out to reps for both brands.

However, TrendMood's emoji-filled tweet certainly captures the excitement the beauty community feels over this possible partnership.

This update offers some further rumors.

This tweet summed up all of the feels. If ColourPop x Ulta does indeed happen, a lot of shoppers are going to be happy.

This is quite possibly one of the best things about ColourPop products allegedly becoming available via another brick and mortar retail store. Customers can test the shades and formulas IRL. While plenty of longtime ColourPop lovers have come to trust the brand's quality, the ability to experience the products could be the tipping point for those who may be on the fence about a color or a formula.

ColourPop loyalists know what's up — and they have for a while.

While ColourPop has been increasing its selection of products in the past several months to include foundation, brushes, and bullet lipsticks, the brand really put itself on the makeup makeup with its liquid lippies. The range of colors and the plush formulas helped established the brand as a trendsetter.

ICYMI, here is the Ulta tweet that kicked off the rumors back in August. It was all a simple misunderstanding that took on a life of its own. While in hindsight it was a vague response, the power of suggestion, coupled with some passionate wishful thinking, caused it to become a "thing."

At the time, an Ulta Beauty spokesperson responded to our inquiry, saying "While Ulta Beauty's product assortment is always growing, we do not have any news on ColourPop coming to Ulta Beauty. Since we add new and exciting brands all the time, we often encourage guests to watch out for the latest. We love ColourPop too and we regret dashing any high hopes."

While Ulta shut down the ColourPop rumor, the retailer made a critically important point. It is adding fresh brands to its repertoire with incredible frequency. In the past year, Ulta has started selling MAC, NARS, Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty, and Morphe products. It's truly become even more of a beauty powerhouse and one-stop destination for product lovers.

If ColourPop is indeed on its way to Ulta, it'll be a win for all involved. But for now, it's just a rumor that the Internet desperately wants to be true.