ColourPop Might Be Coming To Ulta Beauty & Lippie Lovers Are Pumped

ColourPop devotees are still celebrating the news that the beloved L.A. indie brand is coming to Sephora after being solely available online. While ColourPop x Sephora is a huge deal, the beauty behemoth might not be the only retailer to sell ColourPop. It's time to ask: Is ColorPop coming to Ulta Beauty, too?

Well, a Twitter user who goes by the handle sparkleblissx posted a tweet, saying she'd heard that ColourPop would coming to Ulta stores soon. The retailer actually replied with a very vague response, saying that details were coming and to keep an eye out.

Let's break that comment down, shall we?

It's definitely not a firm "no." It's not a "yes," either. But it certainly leans towards the notion that something is happening soon. One would assume that the Ulta social media team would have shut down the rumor completely if it was false -- or they would have tried to throw us off the scent if things weren't completely hashed out.

Personally, I think that ColourPop will be coming to Ulta based on the chain's reply and a healthy dose of wishful thinking. The response keeps the door wide open and doesn't refute speculations. It's certainly not detailed or informative, but I read it as suggestive.

That's a true "OMG! moment. Obviously, I have more questions than answers, several of which were posted by sparkleblissx in a follow-up. More on those in a second. Bustle reached out to both Ulta and ColourPop reps to inquire about an Ulta x ColourPop retail partnership.

Update: ColourPop's PR team responded to Bustle via email, saying, "ColourPop currently has no plans to be in Ulta and is thrilled to enter Sephora in November 2017."

Update 2: An Ulta Beauty spokesperson responded to our inquiry, saying, "While Ulta Beauty's product assortment is always growing, we do not have any news on ColourPop coming to Ulta Beauty. Since we add new and exciting brands all the time, we often encourage guests to watch out for the latest. We love ColourPop too and we regret dashing any high hopes."

Now, about those queries that I have. Will ColourPop products be sold online only? In Ulta stores? Via both platforms? Will it be all new products and launches, or classic and core products?

So. Many. Curiosities. Over. Here.

And I am definitely not alone. Twitter users are here for the news.

This LC and Whitney Port meme pretty much encapsulate all of the feels. Every. Last. One.

Makeupistas want info and they want it now. But patience, please!

ColourPop has spent the last several years growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to the brand's on-trend products, insanely affordable prices, and wide variety of products. The company's grasp of social media and its direct connect with customers via staffers Jordynn Wynn and Sharon Pak also helped the brand to become hot AF. Moving into Sephora and Ulta -- and thus reaching a wider customer base -- is the next logical step.

Here's hoping it's true.