ColourPop's Crystal Crush Collection Is Selling Fast

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy ColourPop

People have been excited about ColourPop's Crush Crystals Collection since the brand first announced, then pushed back, these products. The line features three different crystal-infused items in four different scents. Apparently the line is very appealing to fans, because ColourPop's Crush Crystal Collection started selling out in minutes. Here's the status of every single item, so you don't miss a thing.

ColourPop has been on a roll lately with their products. Just a week ago, their Yes, Please Palette sold out in less than 20 minutes the first time around, so it only makes sense that people would fear that ColourPop's other limited edition and quantity items would do the same. It looks like fans were right to worry, because some items in the new line are already sold out.

As of July 7 at 12:30 p.m. ET, the Rose Quartz, Amethyst Bundle, and Aventurine Bundles, Rose Quarts Liquid Highlighter, and every single one of the Priming & Setting Sprays are all currently sold out on the ColourPop website.

Something tells me that the rest of the items aren't far behind, either. There's no word from ColourPop whether the line will be restocked or if this was truly a limited edition line. Bustle reached out to the brand for comment.

Courtesy ColourPop

It makes complete sense that these items are selling fast, IMO. Each one is actually infused with crystals and sells for $5 to $9. There's also the option to bundle the items for $18, which saves you $2. The sprays seem to be the most popular items, since all of the liquid highlighters and balms are still in stock.

Oh, and remember the Yes, Please Palette that sold out in less than 20 minutes? Well, it also restock on July 7. Unfortunately, it sold out in less than 15 minutes the second time around. The brand took to Instagram stories to announce that it broke ColourPop history, and that they are working on a restock very soon.

Courtesy ColourPop

Fingers crossed that the Yes, Please Palette announcement means that they'll be working on bringing back the Crushed Crystal Collection as well. Especially since fans are already begging them to bring the items back.

Petition to bring it back in major quantities next time.

Almost too cheap.

That's how fast the items sold out.

Don't worry! It will be back!

If the Crushed Crystal Collection doesn't come back, fans might have a meltdown.