Is David Corenswet Single? 'The Politician' Star Is Loved By Many

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ryan Murphy's first Netflix show dropped over the weekend, and fans are already obsessing over the newcomer who plays River Barkley — it's not hard to see why. But there's one major question on people's minds: Is The Politician's David Corenswet single? The actor definitely has a lot of love in his life, that's for sure. Whether or not that includes a significant other right now, though, isn't exactly clear. But if Instagram is any indication, everyone from his pets, to his costars, to his family members can't get enough of him.

Corenswet's character River in The Politician is handsome, kind, and adored by many. The role probably wasn't that big of a jump for the actor to play on-screen, because it appears the same is true of him in real life. Well, based on his social media and some brief research, at least. Scrolling through Corenswet's IG makes one thing very clear: He. Loves. Dogs. He seems to like cats OK too, but dogs are the definite favorite on his feed. In fact, there's one photo from April, in particular, where this becomes abundantly clear.

In the pic, the actor is bending down to hold hands with a very good, four-legged boy. "Briefly reunited," he wrote in the caption. His Politician costar, Ben Platt (who plays Payton Hobart) then commented, "Dogs are obsessed with you," to which Corenswet replied, "and the feelin is heckin mutual." Indeed, there are tons of pics of Corenswet cuddling with pups, and they adore him just as much — if not more so — as he does them.

Speaking of mutual affection, Corenswet's relationship with his Politician castmates embodies exactly that as well. Almost every actor who plays a main character on the show regularly appears in the comments of his posts, and you can almost feel the love through the screen.

Take, for example, the series of pics he posted on the day the show premiered. "Love and gratitude to the most wonderfullest cast of playmates," he captioned the shots. "Love you," Platt wrote in response. "love you," Zoey Deutch (who plays Infinity Jackson) concurred. January Jones, who plays Astrid's (Lucy Boynton) mother simply replied with a single heart.

In another post, Corenswet posted photos from a shoot he did for V Magazine, and even though the captions he wrote jokingly rambled non-stop about dogs — seriously, he is obsessed with dogs in the best possible way — his castmates were pretty much solely focused on complimenting him on his smolder.

Of course, fans on Twitter have been pretty focused on Corenswet's smolder too, and more than a few of them can't stop swooning over his very distinct dimples — oh, and his seriously uncanny resemblance to Clark Kent, aka Superman, aka Henry Cavill.

Tons of fans are also equally enamored with River and Payton's relationship, especially when it comes to *that* scene — don't worry, no spoilers — where Payton sings "River" by Joni Mitchell.

When Corenswet isn't playing with pups, bonding with his costars, or being a general thirst-trap for Twitter, though, it seems like he spends a lot of his free time with his family, as per his Instagram. He and his sister seem particularly close. They even donned matching pajama onesies for Christmas a few years back.

If you're looking to find even more Corenswet on your TV screen, you're in luck — sort of. His IMDb lists a few projects in pre-production titled Hollywood (2020) and Project Pay Day (2019). In the meantime, you could also jump back to House of Cards Season 6, Episode 7 to catch his cameo there. Based on the overwhelming reaction to his Politician role — and Murphy's tendency to recast his favorite actors — this is likely just the beginning.

While there isn't any evidence that Corenswet is dating someone special at the moment, perhaps he just prefers to keep his private life under wraps. Or perhaps he's totally single, and focusing on his career and friends for now. Either way, there are clearly tons of people who love him — both on and off the internet.