This 'Scandal' Twist Was Crazy

by Nicole Pomarico

Olivia's relationship with her father has always been complicated on Scandal, but in the wake of all the election drama, it's about to get even worse. Knowing that his life (and potentially hers as well) is at risk if Mellie doesn't win the electoral college's vote after Frankie Vargas' murder, it makes things even messier than they already are — especially now that Mellie is personally involved. On Thursday night's episode of Scandal, Elizabeth North dies, and it could lead to even scarier consequences.

All season long, we've been watching Rowan's shady dealings with this creepy mystery woman who seems to have a vested interest in Mellie taking the White House — that's how Frankie ended up dead in the first place. And now that the vote is looming over his head, he called Olivia over to remind her that he might actually die if Cyrus wins, which is the outcome she's hoping for because she feels he's the one who deserves office. Doing what's right is important, but is it as important as saving her life and her father's?

Of course, that heavy conversation led her to Fitz, who told her in no uncertain terms that Cyrus should have the White House, and if Rowan dies, so be it — he's done some pretty horrible things, hasn't he? Maybe he deserves it. But Rowan's not the first one to be taken out after all.

In the midst of fighting for the presidency, Lizzie Bear ended up dragging Mellie into a meeting with all of them, who promise they can blackmail people into voting for her, officially and undoubtedly securing her victory. Mellie's not willing to go along with it, so the mystery blonde woman bludgeons Lizzie in the back of the head with a golf club, killing her — and threatens to do the same with Mellie's children if she doesn't follow their instructions.

And it's not just Mellie who's in danger, either. Olivia wanted to take the fall for framing Cyrus so that her arrest would ensure Cyrus' win, even though Fitz was totally against that plan, too. So he pulled a few things, and Rowan ended up arrested — but Fitz had him brought to the White House for safety instead.

I never would have imaged that Fitz and Olivia would have a chance together again, but now, it seems more likely than ever, especially after that steamy kiss this episode ended with. What even is this show?!