Eugene Can Still Be Saved On 'The Walking Dead'

Gene Page/AMC

While Rick is still recruiting an army on The Walking Dead, the "meanwhile, back at the Sanctuary" situation just got a lot dicier. Sasha is on a solo mission to kill Negan, and one of her only potential allies might not be exactly on board with revenge. Is Eugene really a Savior on The Walking Dead? Will he remain loyal to Negan in the war to come, or worse, betray Sasha?

When Rosita and Sasha offered to break Eugene out, the Chief Engineer refused. Perhaps he wants to remain a spy on the inside, or is taking advantage of the Saviors' scientific resources while he can. Eugene doesn't go bad in the Walking Dead comics, which is reassuring. He actually escapes with the help of Dr. Carson and two turncoat Saviors — Mark and Amber, who previously suffered the same fate as Dwight and Sherry. All of those characters exist on the AMC series, but their fates are slightly different.

Will Sasha being there change anything? Abraham was important to both of them, and Eugene has been in captivity away from his former survivor family. He's isolated and alone. Given the way Negan's people treated him, it's not surprising that he acclimated. However, both Sasha and Eugene are feeling not needed by Rick's survivors right now. Eugene may feel that he is more of use to the Saviors. Meanwhile, Sasha seems to think that everyone at Hilltop is more important than her. The two could probably benefit from a chat.

Gene Page/AMC

It's honestly hard to judge whose side Eugene is on right now. He might not even know himself. The line between weakness and survivalism is thin in the apocalypse. Now that Sasha has infiltrated the Sanctuary, Eugene's next move is key. I hope that he hasn't been totally swayed by Negan, and it may not be too late. The Walking Dead Season 7 is drawing to an end, and before the war begins, Eugene is going to have to pick a side for real.