Eugene May Be A Savior On ‘The Walking Dead’

Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead either just showed us the fastest villain origin story ever, or a long con that would fool even Carol. Will Eugene betray Alexandria on The Walking Dead? He appears to have gone full Savior, happily embracing the "we are Negan" slogan, but could be considering taking them down from within.

Upon his arrival at the Sanctuary, Eugene was treated to the TWD summer jam "Easy Street," but other than that, his welcome wasn't anything like Daryl's at all. Eugene was given a bedroom, not a cell. He was treated to video games, good food, and the company of three of Negan's wives. By the end of the episode, he was ordering lesser Saviors around and helping Negan develop new ways to make walkers hard to kill. It sure didn't take much.

In a self-preservation move, Eugene also started spinning his old lie that he worked for the Human Genome Project and had insight into the apocalypse. He also assured everyone there that he was a doctor. There are so many possible things that could be happening here. Eugene could be playing along, because he is admittedly a coward, and simply trying to save his own hide. He could be getting drunk on power and enjoying the use that the Saviors seem to have for him. He even refused to make poison pills for his new lady "friends," once he realized they wanted to use them on Negan.

You know, it's really unfortunate that Mad Max: Fury Road was never made in the universe of The Walking Dead. I can't watch a scene with Negan's wives without imagining them scrawling "WE ARE NOT THINGS" on the wall as they make a glamorous escape.

In the comics, Eugene stays loyal to Rick, refuses to help the Saviors, and ultimately escapes. In a way, Dwight is on his side as well. The AMC series seems to be taking a different path, at least for the moment. While I hope that Eugene hasn't truly embraced the Savior lifestyle, he's a hard one to read on The Walking Dead, and we'll have to keep watching to find out.