This Lifetime Movie Might Make You Think Twice About Trusting Your OB-GYN

Lifetime's latest TV movie pulls out all the stops, matching its explosive title. According to the film's synopsis, Evil Doctor, premiering on April 7, focuses on a couple expecting their first baby, preparing for birth and attending their doctor's appointments together. Sweet, right? Not quite — as Lifetime movies often do, this one goes downhill quickly for its main characters. So, is Evil Doctor a true story?

Well, I sure hope not. In the film, a couple (played by Jen Lilley and Corin Nemec) ends up with an OB-GYN who tampers with baby's sonogram in order to convince Aubrey, the mother, that there are complications in the pregnancy, orders her to bed rest, and does all of this so she can have the husband, Matt, to herself. And things even get violent when Matt apparently tries to break things off.

There's no evidence to suggest the story is true, and that's not really a surprise — the plot seems to fit in pretty perfectly to Lifetime's signature outrageously dramatic storylines. The trailer shows the doctor, played by Dina Meyer, insisting to her patient's husband that lots of men struggle with having their first child and experiencing childbirth alongside their wives. Plenty of them want "just one more fling," she says, and she aims to give it to him. The husband, apparently, sees no way out of this — you'd think he might be able to resist her forward attitude in favor of, you know, his wife — but men in the Lifetime universe are not often blessed with large amounts of self-control.

The trailer hints that they sleep together, and then things get even worse. Matt seemingly wants out of this trap Dr. Barnes has caught him in, but she goes a little off the rails, threatening the couple and making it harder than it might initially seem. At one point she screams, "What are you going to do? Find another doctor?" Yeah, what a dumb idea — as if he lives in a world full of unlimited doctors who aren't trying to ruin his family! There's obviously no easy way out of this.

OK, OK, so the plot is a little over-the-top, but these bizarre and striking stories are part of why Lifetime fans keep coming back for more. The network has made a name for itself with more critically acclaimed shows (like UnREAL) and miniseries in recent years, but it seems like it's never going to let go to its roots, no matter how much it beefs up its arsenal in other ways. Lifetime's website currently boasts not only Evil Doctor, but also titles like Twin Betrayal, Lethal Admirer, I Killed My BFF: The Preacher's Daughter, and Blood, Sweat, And Lies. Sure, these all sound like a lot to handle, but you can't tell me that you wouldn't curl up on your couch with a cup of tea right now and settle in for a wild ride.

Meyer, a TV movie veteran, has been talking up the production on Twitter in anticipation of the premiere. Fans also might recognize her from the Saw movies, and way back in the day she also appeared on the original run of Beverly Hills 90210. Nemec nabbed a Primetime Emmy nomination for his work on 1989's I Know My First Name Is Steven, and is perhaps best known for playing the titular role in the '90s series Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Lilley was on Days Of Our Lives for a three-year stint, and has starred in several TV movies. Together, they're shouldering a tense and horrifying story. And with it, Lifetime has added yet another larger-than-life production to its legendary ranks.