This ‘Big Brother’ Showmance Self-Destructed After A POV

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Faysal and Haleigh's time in the Big Brother house was clearly limited, and it seems that their showmance will not survive their impending eviction. At the end of the Aug. 29 episode of Big Brother 20, Faysal and Haleigh's showmance seemed to have come to a grinding halt, although by Haleigh's assertion they may never have been in a showmance to begin with. Haleigh may claim that they were never a thing, but to borrow Faysal's favorite phrase: if it cuddles like a showmance and it kisses like a showmance, then chances are it is a showmance.

The dissolve of their showmance came soon after the Power of Veto competition, which neither of them managed to win. The straw that broke the camel's back was when Haleigh started dedicating her remaining time in the house to all of the members of the house, including those who conspired to ensure that either she or Faysal would be going home during the upcoming eviction. While Haleigh saw this as making the most of her time, Faysal saw this as a betrayal, and the two seemed to silently express that they would be spending their possible final days in the house looking out for themselves before they look out for their former showmance partner.

After their disagreement, Haleigh had a long conversation with Brett in the hammock, who asked if she and Faysal were in a showmance, which she quickly denied. Faysal may have been calling Haleigh "my girl" for weeks, but it seems he never properly checked in with her about that title. However, fans of the Faysal and Haleigh showmance can find some hope in the possibility that she's simply acting like there's nothing between her and Faysal to try and keep herself in the Big Brother house.

While Faysal may be skilled at physical competitions, it's clear that of the two, Haleigh has a better sense of how to maneuver the social elements of the game. This extends from the obvious, like not evicting her own alliance members, to the less obvious, like getting friendly with the most powerful people in the house. Faysal is hurt that Haleigh would rather spend time with Angela, Tyler, Brett, and Kaycee than him, but she seems to be playing as if there's a chance that she'll still be in the house following the upcoming eviction, and denying that she has a showmance with Faysal could inspire others to align with her.

Faysal can't see the point of Haleigh being friendly with the people that are trying to evict her, but this could be the exact move that keeps her in the house for a few extra weeks. With the numbers in the house dwindling, it's only a matter of time before the seemingly inseparable crew of Tyler, Brett, Kaycee, and Angela are forced to turn on each other. If any of them were hoping to make a big move, being able to ensure that Haleigh would vote with them is massively important. At the end of the day, it seems that Haleigh entered Big Brother ready to play the game and willing to adjust her loyalties if it means she'd be a step closer to the half million dollar grand prize, and Faysal may be more interested in ensuring that Haleigh is, in fact, his "girl" than he is in winning.