Fans Think Fifth Harmony Is Breaking Up & Their Tweets May Convince You Too

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to die-hard Fifth Harmony fans, the music group could officially be ending their time together. So, is Fifth Harmony breaking up? That's what many fans are theorizing now that the four women have canceled their 2018 Australian Tour.

On Tuesday, a fan tweeted that promoter TEG Live announced that Fifth Harmony's tour Down Under was no longer happening. The cancellation message, also shared by Ticketmaster, partly reads: "TEG Live, the promoter of Fifth Harmony, has regretfully advised, due to necessary scheduling requirements, Fifth Harmony will be unable to proceed with their 2018 Australian Tour." At this time, it doesn't look like any further statement has been made. It also doesn't appear Normani Kordei, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, or Lauren Jauregui have commented.

This isn't the first time Fifth Harmony has canceled a tour in Australia. In October 2017, Ticketmaster released a statement (via Billboard) announcing the band's four-city tour (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane) was pushed back. The Perth date was canceled and the other dates were rescheduled. "TEG Live, the promoter of Fifth Harmony, has regretfully advised, due to a change in scheduling, it has become necessary to postpone the tour until March 2018," the message read at the time, according to Billboard.

Well, now, once again, the tour officially isn't moving forward — and it has gotten a lot of reactions from fans. So much so, that there are some Harmonizers who truly believe this means Fifth Harmony is breaking up for good. Basically, fans have a lot of feelings and some are even blaming their label and poor management for all of this. Check it out.

It's All Very Stressful

So they should just announce their split already.

There Are A Lot Of Emotions

This is hitting some fans hard.

They Were Never Going To Succeed

There are some who think it their label, Epic/Sony records, is to blame.

It Needs To Happen

Some have dealt with this for way too long, so they're even welcoming a breakup.

Just Rip Off The Band Aid Already

This person is clearly over it and ready to move on.

A More Positive Outlook

That's certainly a good thing.

No, Just No

But this person didn't even get to go to a concert yet.

They Deserve So Much More

Just another fan blaming their team.

It's For Real This Time


This Person Is Happy About It

They clearly love Kordei's new single, "Love Lies", with Khalid.

Straight & To The Point

Need this person say more?

Who knows if Fifth Harmony really will go their separate ways, but there's always the chance. Not all bands last or stand the test of time, including those who appeared on X Factor (ahem, One Direction). Let's not forget that former member Camila Cabello left the band in December 2016 — and now has a very successful solo career.

Plus, now that Kordei's new song with Khalid is here and Brooke released "Perfect" with Topic, these could also be signs they're ready to move on. Furthermore, in January, there were reports that Jauregui was moving to Columbia from Epic records to release a solo album. According to Billboard, one of its reporters overheard this major news at Sony's 2018 Grammys after party.

Then, while chatting with Bombshell magazine in March 2016, Kordei talked about a solo career. "Before the girls and I were put together we all had the intentions of being solo artists. Our destiny had something different in mind for now at least. Going into this I was fully committed to the girls and I still am." She continued, "Someday we all aspire to venture out and grow individually with our artistry. It’s impossible for five people to have the exact same ambitions all around. So to give you a more direct answer to your question and inquiring minds, the answer is yes one day but Fifth Harmony has tons of work to do until then."

Well, "one day" the remaining group members will most likely branch out to do their own thing and fans are convinced now more than ever that this latest tour cancellation is it.