Is 'First Dates' Fred Sirieix Married? The Maitre D' Is Pretty Private When It Comes To His Relationship History

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I'll probably be forever single and never ready to mingle, but if I had to choose someone to plan a blind date for me, it would totally be the master of love himself, Fred Sirieix. He's had his fair share of successes when it comes to matchmaking on Channel 4's First Dates, but what about when it comes to his own love life? While I could start filling in an application to find my perfect match, I'd rather figure out the answer to the question: is Fred Sirieix married?

According an 2016 interview with the maître d' in the Daily Mail, Sirieix has never been married, but was in a 12-year relationship with the mother of his two children, although the couple are no longer together. "It's complicated," he told the newspaper. In the same interview he also revealed he that he's happy in a new relationship, "And that is all you need to know." He was also asked about the separation in an interview with The Sun, who which he replied "I'd rather not talk about it, but I'm very happy."

I have reached out to his representative to further clarify these comments, but judging by Sirieix's Instagram, he is head over heels in love with his new beau who he refers to as 'fruitcake'. I know, my heart can't handle it either. It's delightful to see Sirieix so happy in his new relationship, and how confident he is when it comes to what he wants and doesn't want to say about his private life.

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And even though Sirieix is also pretty quiet when it comes to his children — and rightfully so — he fondly mentions them in the odd interview here and there. During an interview with the Express last year he answered a series of questions, one of which was what he would do if he had half an hour left on Earth, to which he replied: "I'd know that when I die I'm not going to see my children again and that's the saddest thing.

"I guess we just have to live as if it's the last day and as long as I die smiling, that's all I want." Seriously, I can't. How can one person have so much empathy and wisdom?

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I thought I had a big soft spot for Sirieix from First Dates alone, but since discovering more about his personal life and his endless advice on love, I think he's slowly becoming my inner conscience. I mean, who wouldn't want Sirieix guiding you through life?

And let's not forget his humour. Thanks to the beautiful idea to put him, Gordon Ramsay, and Gino D'Acampo together on a road trip around their respective countries, it's weird but hilarious to see a side of Sirieix which isn't on show in First Dates, since that show focuses on, well, the dates.

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Hopefully there will be more of Sirieix on TV after all this, preferably with D'Campo and Ramsay. Imagine those two matchmaking alongside Sirieix on First Dates? Now that's something I need in my life.