Fred Sirieix's Nickname For His Finacée Is As Charming As He Is

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Dating is tough no matter who you are, but if I had to choose someone to plan a blind date for me, it would totally be the master of love himself, Fred Sirieix. He’s had his fair share of success when it comes to matchmaking, and he’ll be doing a whole lot more on the new series of First Dates Hotel. But what about when it comes to his own love life? Is Fred Sirieix married or he is looking for love himself?

According to a 2016 Daily Mail interview, Sirieix has never been married, but he was in a 12-year relationship with the mother of his two children, although the couple are no longer together. "It's complicated," he told the newspaper, but went on to reveal that he's happy in a new relationship. "And that is all you need to know," he said.

He was also asked about the separation in an interview with The Sun, to which he replied "I'd rather not talk about it, but I'm very happy."

Despite initially keeping the relationship quiet, Sirieix eventually began sharing pictures of his partner – who he affectionally nicknames "Fruitcake" – on Instagram. And he later offered a little insight into their relationship to Fabulous magazine, saying:

"Occasionally, I’ll go for a little wine and some tapas after work with my partner, who I like to call 'fruitcake.' It’s nice to have a relaxing conversation and chill out when you’ve had a long day. If I do get the chance to be in the kitchen, I love making fresh pasta. I find rolling it out very therapeutic and I get flour everywhere; it’s great fun. In the evenings I like nothing more than sitting down with a beer and watching something on Netflix."

And judging by the TV star's recent posts, he remains head over heels in love with "Fruitcake." In fact, he actually proposed to his partner on March 17. “We are delighted,” he told The Sun. “As soon as [the coronavirus crisis] is over we are off to Negril for a party on the beach.”

And even though Sirieix is also pretty quiet when it comes to his children — and rightfully so — he fondly mentions them in the odd interview here and there. During an interview with the Express in 2017 he answered a series of questions, one of which was what he would do if he had half an hour left on Earth, to which he replied: "I'd know that when I die I'm not going to see my children again and that's the saddest thing. I guess we just have to live as if it's the last day and as long as I die smiling, that's all I want."

Ever since the first series of First Dates, Sirieix has become famous for his seemingly endless wisdom about life and love, And let's not forget his humour, which is showcased in his series Road Trip, which he does with TV chefs Gordon Ramsay and Gino D'Acampo.

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