This 'Girls Trip' Joke Is Both Raunchy & Hilarious

The summer of 2017 may forever be remembered as the summer audiences got a hilarious bit of sexual education when they went to see Girls Trip. One the more memorable jokes made in Girls Trip is about grapefruiting, a real sex act that involves (you guessed it) a grapefruit and some very creative sexual prowess. The way the scene is done in Girls Trip, the joke pays off in spades, but it's nonetheless a very graphic sequence that helps make this film a total comic romp.

But just what is grapefruiting, exactly? Well, let's get down to business. Some speculate that the act was pioneered in a YouTube video by a user named Auntie Angel, in which grapefruiting is shown to involve cutting out a cross-section of a grapefruit, carving a hole large enough for an erect penis to fit into in the center (but leaving some of the actual grapefruit in the slice), then actually sliding that grapefruit ring onto the aforementioned erect penis and using it to help stimulate the lucky guy in question during oral sex.

The grapefruit method sounds like something straight out of a women's magazine (and yes, a Bustle writer once tried it out and wrote about it), but it's actually something straight from the most NSFW corners of Youtube. The method is supposed to enhance the sensations of oral sex and generally spice things up for what might otherwise be considered a standard sex act.

In one moment from an early trailer for Girls Trip, we quickly see Dina (played by Tiffany Haddish) use a banana as a surrogate penis to better illustrate to her friends Sasha and Lisa (played by Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith, respectively) how to grapefruit a guy. The trailers establish Dina as the more sexually adventurous member of the friendship group at the heart of the film, so it's not surprising behavior from her, but it doesn't mean the sight gag isn't still amusing.

Consider this your intro into Girl Trip. Go for the grapefruiting jokes, but stay for the rip-roaring good times in this female-led film.