Trish’s New Boyfriend Seems A Little TOO Perfect On ‘Jessica Jones’

David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 2 Episodes 1-5. In the season premiere of Jessica Jones Season 2, Trish seems to be happily partnered up with another media figure. Trish Talk may be the talk of talk radio, but her new beau Griffin Sinclair (Hal Ozan) is a cable news figure who seemingly everyone can trust. When Jessica's life starts to get complicated again, Griffin is by Trish's side to help her figure things out — but can he be trusted? Is Jessica Jones' Griffin Sinclair really a good guy or is he up to something?

While Season 1 of Jessica Jones was no cakewalk for its titular character, everyone around her also got put through the emotional and physical ringer. Kilgrave's reign of terror across New York City took a variety of victims, and introduced plenty of new hardships into the lives of people that Jessica knew. Trish was reminded the hard way that part of being Jessica Jones' best friend is leaving yourself open to collateral damage in Jessica's life. Trish had been threatened various times as part of Kilgrave's plan to claim Jessica, so when a charming new man with an English accent comes walking into Trish's life, there's reason to be alarmed. When it comes to a new man entering the world of Jessica Jones, it's best to proceed with caution.

In the first few episodes of Jessica Jones, Griffin seems to be a huge improvement over Trish's last partner, Will Simpson. Griffin takes Trish to nice events, happens to be a beloved public figure, and he and Trish become a media power couple. However, once Jessica realizes that she's investigating some particularly shady business, it becomes clear that, just like in Season 1, Trish is at risk because they are friends. As her investigation continues, Jessica learns that some of the mysterious occurrences she's looking into have one thing in common.

Jessica connects some suspicious deaths to Trish's talk show and her show's new focus on superpowered individuals. This makes Trish a target of a shadowy organization that she and Jessica are looking into, and fans of the show have to wonder if Griffin is involved. Griffin is the most high-profile person who has ever ended up in Jessica's circle, but is there a chance that his career as a broadcast news journalist is a cover for more sinister plans?

In one scene, after sharing a bed with Trish, Griffin gets a mysterious phone call. He responds, "She doesn't know," indicating that he's in cahoots with someone and keeping it a secret from Trish. Eventually it's revealed that Griffin has been working with Trish's family and friends to bring them to a location so that he can follow through on his plan... to propose to Trish.

Unless he's is playing an exceptionally long con, it seems that Griffin really is a decent guy. Unfortunately, being a decent person on Jessica Jones can be a death sentence. The first season featured many minor characters who wandered into Jessica's orbit ending up dead at the hands of Kilgrave — and while Kilgrave is no longer a threat, the body count will likely rise the more Jessica Jones investigates the mysterious IGH.

Griffin seems to be free of the dangers related to knowing Jessica, save for a brief paparazzi scandal. But he may very well end up in an unfortunate position due to their association before the season is out. On the other hand, Griffin's talk show gives him an even bigger cultural reach than Trish, and could be helpful in getting information on the shadowy organization that made Jessica Jones the person that she is today. Whatever Griffin's role in the series is revealed to be as Jessica Jones Season 2 continues, it makes a lot of sense that fans were skeptical in the first place.