Catch Up On 'Guardians' Before 'Vol. 2.'

The next Marvel film everyone's ramping up for is Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which comes out, finally, on May 5. The highly-anticipated movie promises some new characters and plenty of exciting adventures, but newbies and die-hards alike might want to get a recap on the franchise, first. Sadly, the first Guardians of the Galaxy isn't on Hulu, where you could easily stream it online. But not all hope is lost, as you can now find Guardians of the Galaxy on a variety of mediums and best of all, you can watch it no matter what your budget.

Usually, you'd assume that such a beloved movie like the first Guardians film would be found on subscription services like Hulu or Netflix, but that sadly isn't the case here. However, you can follow the Guardians' adventures by purchasing the original movie on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon Video and VUDU, for a price of $14.99. And if you're looking just to rent, you can find the film on all of the above platforms for just $2.99.

So catching up on Guardians before the new movie arrives is pretty easy. But if you're a total newbie who simply doesn't understand what all the hype is about, here's a brief rundown to get you on-board. GotG is about an unruly space adventurer named Peter Quill who joins up with a group of outlaws after stealing a mysterious orb and finding that the entire universe is in his hands. The movie was a huge critical and financial success, and the sequel is expected to be a massive win for Marvel, as well.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 looks just as promising as the first, and if you don't want to miss any references alluding to the original movie when you go to see the new one, I highly recommend you catch up ASAP.