Here’s How Amazon's New Series 'Hanna' Is Connected To The Saoirse Ronan Movie

Fans of 2011's Hanna are in for a treat: There's going to be an Amazon Prime Video series of the same name. So is Hanna based on the movie? The short answer is, yes: The show will feature a similar plot to the film, but with a whole new cast. And the series' first full trailer will air during the Super Bowl.

The new video is decidedly creepier than a lot of traditional Super Bowl ad spots. But then again, the infamous commercials aren't all about soda and beer brands trying to compete with one another. It's also a time for companies to debut movie and TV trailers for upcoming projects, since there's such a big audience tuning in for the football game.

Amazon has already released the trailer that will air during the show, and it looks like there are plenty of thrilling moments in store. Hanna, played by Esme Creed-Miles, is a young woman who lives an isolated life in the European woods, Deadline explains. But she learns to fight on her own when her mercenary dad, Erik, played by Joel Kinnaman, is taken by a CIA agent. And it looks like Hanna is pretty good at fighting, too — there's a lot of butt-kicking going on in the trailer.

If all of that sounds intriguing, Amazon Prime users are in for a special Super Bowl treat. Hanna's first episode will be available to stream for 24 hours after the game. And the show doesn't officially hit the streaming service until March. So for impatient fans, it's a great sneak preview, as long as you remember to catch it before it disappears again.

And for those who are interested in the new show but haven't seen the 2011 movie, there's more good news. The Hanna movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime right now, so there's plenty of time to catch up before the show begins. The movie stars Saoirse Ronan and Cate Blanchett, with Ronan in the role of Hanna and Eric Bana playing her dad. Plus, the movie has a 72% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so it's worth checking out.

The first season of the new series will include eight episodes, so it won't be a huge time commitment, either. With the high-stakes action, this is a perfect candidate for a weekend of binge-watching. And the Super Bowl premiere will help kick things off a little early.

While the idea of a TV show based off a movie might seem a little weird, this isn't the first time it's happened recently. The Limitless TV show was inspired by the Bradley Cooper movie. And the Lethal Weapon universe extended with a TV reboot of the classic movie. TV shows are a great way to expand on the action of a fan-favorite film, and it's fun for fans who want to see the spirit of the classic movies live on. The Hanna TV show will be different from the movie, with its new cast, but it should still delight fans of the Ronan-starring film.