This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Think Twice About Rekindling That Old Flame


A secret affair gone horribly wrong is the perfect scenario for a juicy Lifetime movie. The network’s new film He’s Watching, premiering on Sept. 2, definitely falls into this category, centered as it is on the dangers of rekindling an old flame in the midst of a solid relationship. But, is He’s Watching based on a true story or is it just another drama mirroring real-life situations? Thankfully, this story doesn’t seem to be true but it will remind you why ex-lovers should probably stay in the past.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Angela (Linsey Godfrey) has her life together. She’s moving up the ranks at a wealth management firm and is engaged to a seemingly wonderful man.

But, everything obviously isn’t perfect in paradise because her college boyfriend Kyle (Tilky Jones) slips back into the picture to stir up some drama. It’s almost like exes have a sixth sense that tells them “Oh, my ex has finally healed emotionally and is living a great life! I should randomly reappear and mess it up!”

It turns out that Kyle proposed to Angela back in college, but she understandably turned him down to pursue her career goals and explore different dating options. Now, Kyle wants another shot at love and he seems like an eligible bachelor.


He’s a famous and wealthy photographer and he hires Angela to manage his funds. Of course, this is a terrible idea because the old lovers soon find themselves in the midst of a salacious affair. Angela realizes that Kyle might be a dangerous person, but it’s too late because her life is already going down the toilet.

Her gut feeling about Kyle is spot on according to the He’s Watching trailer, which primarily focuses on Kyle’s instability. Kyle is photographing an unknown woman when he suddenly hands her a letter to read aloud. The letter is from Angela and says “Kyle, you touched a place in my heart and made me come alive. Love, Angela.”

She asks if Angela is “the one” and Kyle confirms this while placing cash in the woman’s hand. He says it is a "bonus" for letting him call her Angela. The trailer then shows snippets of Kyle smashing glass out of Angela’s photos with her fiancé. It's official - Kyle is scary and a certified creep.

The confusing clip raises a ton of questions: Who is this other woman and why is he calling her Angela? Is he hiring her to kill Angela? Is Kyle stalking Angela? When did Angela write this brief love letter? And, will Angela lose everything behind this bad decision? Hopefully all of these questions will be answered by the end of the movie. One thing is for sure – Kyle will either have to die or go to prison. That's the Lifetime rule.

He’s Watching may not be based on a real-life affair, but it certainly seems like something that could happen to the average person. It’s a quintessential Lifetime movie plot that makes for perfect entertainment on a lazy Saturday night. So, snuggle up on the couch, grab some popcorn, and get caught up in Angela’s messy drama.