Jaime Makes A Terrible Move On 'GoT'

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

I didn't know it until now, but I think this might be what we've all been waiting for on Game of Thrones. Daenerys' dragons have finally entered the battle, and it's already come at a terrible price. I'm not just talking about the hundreds of burning Lannister men, but what happened to Jaime on Game of Thrones? He didn't die, did he?

Was he going to kill Daenerys, or offer a helping hand with Drogon's big pointy splinter? Wouldn't that have been a twist? Those final moments were almost too much to take in. Bronn managed to get a shot at Drogon, who came crashing to the ground. While Tyrion repeatedly called his brother an idiot from high on a hill, Jaime charged. You can't joust a dragon! Come on, dude. In a chilling moment, Daenerys recognized the Kingslayer for who he is, and ordered Drogon to fire.

However, Jaime was not instantly incinerated like his many, many soldiers. Bronn swooped in at the last minute and pushed him into the water. Hopefully they're not, like, boiling in there. Even though there are a ton of ways for him to die at this point, between enemy soldiers, dragons, and the weight of his armor underwater, I kind of doubt he's dead. Maybe he'll be captured. Maybe Bronn took the heat, literally, and will die instead. Neither of them were in the promo for next Sunday's episode, which is ominous. Call it wishful thinking if you insist, but I don't think Jaime's dead yet.

Helen Sloan/HBO

Daenerys made a brash move this week by literally swooping in and burning down her enemy. I'm not sure it was ultimately the right move, but it made sense as her next move. I'll be interested to see how her battle strategy changes, if it changes, after this. That said, I'm selfishly more worried about Jaime and/or Bronn at the moment.

Game of Thrones is infamous for killing off characters before their time is up and their stories completed, but I think Jaime has unfinished business to complete (he still needs to tell Cersei who really killed Joffrey). He might not survive this series, and I will be sad if and when he goes, but to quote another fantasy army leader, it is not this day. Things are happening fast in Season 7, but to kill Jaime off after he gets one glance in at the Mad King's daughter is almost too fast. But, only time will tell his true fate.