Josh Dallas Has Been Singing Long Before 'OUAT'

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After six seasons, fans will finally get to see the Disney moment they've been waiting for since watching ABC's Once Upon A Time debut in 2011 (or at least the moment this particular fan has been waiting for). Premiering May 7, the Once Upon a Time musical episode will feature the major players of Storybrooke singing. In the past, Disney properties have been seamless with incorporating, when necessary, one voice actor for speaking and one for singing. In fact most fans are unaware that sometimes Disney characters might be voiced by two different people, but the realization that a favorite character has two voices can often leave a Disney fan disappointed. Luckily for fans, Josh Dallas is really singing in the OUAT musical episode.

In an interview with TV Guide, when asked if he had to audition for this episode, Josh Dallas replied, "They didn't ask us if we wanted to do a musical episode. They just assumed that we could sing." This is true for Dallas who has spent time on the musical stage, performing in On The Town. This clip has circulated throughout YouTube and social media, prompting fans to beg for a musical episode of Once Upon a Time. And, now they've finally received their wish.

According to his IMDB biography, Josh Dallas received a scholarship to study acting in London before landing a job with the Royal Shakespeare Company at age 20. Afterwards, he continued to perform with the Royal National Theatre, The English National Opera, and the New Shakespeare Company. His varied acting experience has suited him well to play a Disney prince alongside Ginnifer Goodwin's Snow White. Naturally, Snow White and Prince Charming will have a few duets in the musical episode.

Snow and Charming will be featured in three different musical numbers: "Powerful Magic," "The Charmings vs. Evil Queen" and "A Happy Beginning." These numbers showcase their relationship as husband and wife, but also as doting parents to Emma, who will marry Hook in this episode.

These two connections are intentional, according Adam Horowitz in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: "In the same respect, when we see Snow and Charming’s song, there’s a duet and a true love element to it. Through all of them, we try to have the songs and the style of the songs tie into who the characters are and what they’re going through." For a wedding-centric episode, it makes sense to OUAT fans that Snow and Charming's true love is at the center of it all.

Musically inclined episodes are nothing new to TV — Buffy The Vampire Slayer changed the TV game with its musical episode while Supergirl and The Flash musical crossover surprised fans with their superpowers and singing skills. Yet having a musical episode that focuses primarily on iconic Disney characters like Snow White and Prince Charming creates another dimension to Once Upon A Time and its fairy tale mythologies.

By creating a musical episode with original songs and allowing its cast to sing with respect to their range, Once Upon A Time will provide an authentic musical episode that stays true to its Disney roots but also can create another legacy for beloved Disney characters.