Katie & Chris Are Going To Fantasy Suites On 'BiP' But Something STILL Seems Off


Chris Bukowski's reputation as a "Bachelor Nation Elder" is beginning to make more sense as Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise comes to a close. Even though he has invested most of his time there in a relationship with one girl, Katie may be single after BiP because he can't decide what he wants. They decided to go off to the Fantasy Suites, but things still seem super rocky between them.

Their relationship has been uncertain since the beginning, both of them fearful of getting hurt. Still, neither of them dated anyone else (with the exception of Chris' one-off date with Jen, which didn't go well), and they remained by each other's side until the most important rose ceremony arrived. As it approached, Chris could feel himself getting cold feet.

“I’m happy with Katie," he said in a confessional. "But I don’t know what it is." Katie could sense his hesitations, and became upset and confused, which Chris noticed and asked about. “I think there’s a lot for us to work on," Katie told him, obviously frustrated. Chris suggested getting rest before discussing them, and Katie was shown going to bed in tears. Chris later said he had some "deep second guesses" regarding his relationship with Katie, which sounded ominous. “I don’t feel like I’m 100 percent convinced that this is the right thing, which sucks," he added.

To many viewers' surprise, Chris ended up asking Katie to accept his rose, and she did. Anyone who didn't receive one went home. Then, Chris Harrison announced that anyone who wasn't in an exclusive and communicated relationship had to leave. That meant each couple would be forced to have a conversation, and some were easier to have than others.

The moment led to Tayshia and John Paul Jones' breakup, and many assumed Katie and Chris would follow. He started their heart-to-heart choking back tears, and knowing what it could mean, Katie quickly intervened. “Is this happening right now?" she asked. "I don’t want this."

Chris proceeded to question their relationship. "I feel like I’m so unsure and I don’t know," he said. "I feel like I do this." He was having mixed emotions. "I push people away that I like, that I feel comfortable with," he said. "There’ve been times that I almost wanted to tell you that I didn’t feel it any more. But there've been times where I’ve felt on cloud nine with you."

Katie felt blindsided. “I respect you and I want you to go with your gut," she said. "But I want to be with you." She went on to tell him that even though they may not know what the future holds, it was worth it to her to give their relationship a shot. Slowly, his disposition became more optimistic. “You need to figure out who makes you happy," she told him. She asked him to give her a shot. Although he wasn't quick to answer, he obliged.

The Fantasy Suite will definitely determine whether or not their relationship can withstand reality, and Katie is definitely hopeful that it will. “He came out of retirement and found me," she says in the finale teaser, which hopefully means he can return, with her, to stay. But there's always Season 7 of Paradise, and producers would definitely find more chyrons for him if he was willing to try one more time.