Kendall Made Some Beautiful Lasting Relationships On 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Kendall has definitely a standout this season on The Bachelor. Between her amazing conflict resolution skills, the fact that she refuses to be sucked into any cliche catfights, and of course, the taxidermy hobby, Kendall has definitely made an impression. Now that she's in the final three women left who have a chance to win Arie's heart, there will be plenty of speculation about whether or not Kendall is single after The Bachelor.

While we can't know for sure whether she's still with him after all is said and done, Kendall still seems to look back fondly on her time with Arie. She recently shared an Instagram photo of the two of them on their taxidermy date during the hometowns episode, captioning it with a heart. Obviously even if he does send Kendall home, she doesn't seem to harbor any spite or hatefulness toward him, and that makes sense, given her overall attitude toward life. She definitely doesn't seem like the type of person who would hold grudges or remain bitter even if things don't go her way. As far as other men go, she hasn't featured anyone on her social media feeds, but she does seem to have a lot to say about the topic of love as a whole.

No one but Kendall's pals and occasionally shots of Arie taken during filming have shown up in photos, but all the contestants would likely have to keep any post-show relationship under wraps so as not to divulge spoilers and ruin the fun for fans keeping up with The Bachelor. Regardless of the lack of a relationship hinted at on Kendall's social media, it seems like she's using this time to tend to her friendships with the women in her life, including both old pals from back home and those ladies whom she met on the show. She's recently shared what seem to be recently taken photos with Bekah M., and also has been extremely vocal about her friendship she developed with Jacqueline before she was sent home.

"So grateful to have met the beautiful @trumbullina," Kendall wrote on Twitter following Jacqueline's exit from the show, tagging her friend in the tweet. "As tough as this night was, I am so grateful to have your friendship." Jacqueline has also posted sweet pictures of the two pals, captioning that "some loves last a lifetime."

I am so here for this friendship. You could tell that the two were friends on the show, but given the nature of The Bachelor, more time was spent focused on the women's relationships with Arie than their relationships with each other. And that's really a shame, because I'd watch a three-hour episode each week if it explored the relationships these women cultivate with each other. That makes it even nicer that the women have continued to share with fans post-show the friendships that still mean a lot to them.

Kendall seems to be focusing on herself and her friends more than a guy since filming for The Bachelor wrapped, at least in terms of what she's sharing on social media, and that's great. After weeks and weeks of people scrutinizing your every move as you attempt to fall in love with someone on national television, all the while knowing that he may pick any other number of women over you, it makes sense that she'd want to unwind and focus on the things that have always been important to her. Even though fans will have to wait a while longer to know for sure what Kendall's relationship status is after the show, it should make them happy to know that regardless of romance, she came out of the experience with awesome new people in her life.