Is Kenny Single After 'The Bachelorette'? There's One Lady He's Lucky To Have In His Life

Paul Hebert/ABC

Kenny King is a prince among Bachelorette men, if you ask me. Obviously, Rachel is into Kenny, too, since he’s been around this long on The Bachelorette. Their relationship isn’t moving at light speed, though, so I have to ask the question — Is Kenny single after The Bachelorette? Our professional wrestler is trying to put Rachel’s heart in a half-nelson, but what if he didn’t succeed?

Frankly, Kenny deserves more than we could ever give him. He’s been embroiled in some heavy drama with Lee this season, and I wish he could walk off my screen away from Lee, take me in his arms, and head into the sunset. But, as The Ring is not real and people can’t jump through your television screen (sigh), I decided to do a deep dive through Kenny’s social media to see if he found happiness with Rachel or has found happiness post-reality show love fest. It’s worth saying that Kenny gets along with everyone else in The Bachelorette mansion, so Lee’s problems are his own when it comes to Kenny. That man is a gem.

In any case, I searched high and low, near and far, backwards and forwards, and I found that Kenny has been spending a lot of time with one lady in particular — his ten-year-old daughter, Makenzi. We’ve known that Kenny is a doting dad since Day One of The Bachelorette, and watching Kenny cry into FaceTime as he tells his daughter that he misses her cements it. And from the looks of his Instagram, she’s the only woman in his life.

That’s not to say that he’s not hanging out with anyone else — he’s definitely hit bro status with some of the men from his season of The Bachelorette. In one, Adam appears to be hanging out at Kenny’s house, watching The Bachelorette together with Kenny’s daughter.

Kenny also has a post with Dean (my other prince) and Iggy.

I think it’s safe to say that while Kenny doesn’t have an adult girlfriend relationship right now, he’s gained some friends from his time on The Bachelorette. Plus, Kenny’s focus is his daughter, and there’s nothing wrong with that.