Kris Jenner Has Blonde Hair Now & She Looks So Different

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Blonde hair, don't care. Kris Jenner has blonde hair now and the KarJenner matriarch and momager is ripping a page right out of her daughter Kim Kardashian West's fashion and beauty playbook with this platinum look. Mama Jenner's signature short 'n' layered pixie remains in tact, but she updated it with that blonde hue.

Jenner is truly taking the "new year, new you" mantra to the next level, and slaying with her dramatic strands.

KKW has been rocking bright blonde locks as of late, save for her pre-Christmas, ice blue strands. Additionally, Khloe Kardashian has been several different shades of blonde for the past few years, seeming to have ditched her signature brunette locks for good. While Kylie Jenner often rocks platinum follicles here and there, most memorably at the 2017 Met Gala, Kris, much like Kendall Jenner, usually sticks with her usual, inky black locks.

Until now!

It's a major change for Jenner, but she looks absolutely amazing. She tagged stylist Chris Appleton in the post and he shared the image on his Instagram, suggesting tips for going blonde like his famous client, which makes it seem like Jenner's blonde strands are indeed real and not the work of a wig or a temporary color.

Ta da! Now that's how you usher in a new year with a bold and beautiful change. Jenner's hallmark, long and piecey bangs pair wonderfully with her new golden cast. Because she kept her DNA distinct haircut, it's not too jarring of a change. Notice how the soft hue calls further attention to her eyes.

Why should Kim, Kylie, and ko. have all the fun when it comes to swapping out their strand shades? Jenner is getting in on the blonde fun — and she looks terrific.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It surely looks like Kim was Kris' inspo. Like daughter, like mother.

Of course, KarJenner fans were quick to share their opinions on Jenner's new look in the comments section of the Instagram post. As with any and everything on the internet, reactions were mixed, with some people admitting they prefer Jenner as a brunette. But tons of people were feeling her super sexy light locks. You can't please everybody — and as long as Kris is happy with her new 'do, that's all that matters.

This sampling of comments runs the gamut of emotions. One user noted Ma Jenner can pull anything off. One user offered a dissenting opinion. Oh, internet! You are so full of opinions.

The one connective tissue in most of the comments is how similar Kim and Kris look. Many note that they think this is what KKW will look like in 30 years.

While some members of the KarJenner Nation expect Kim to return to her signature (and lower maintenance) brunette shade in a minute, it's been fun watching her rock blonde. That said, her mother can take that blonde throne.

Here's to hoping Kris Jenner remains a blonde for more than a minute. It suits her.