Kylie Jenner Just Teased A New Beauty Product & You'll Want It Stat

The Kylie Jenner 21st birthday celebration continued well past her Aug. 10 DOB. The mom and makeup mogul dropped her latest birthday edition collection for Kylie Cosmetics and shared plenty of Instagram images while rocking the products. Jenner also teased a new Kylie Cosmetics blush and we were quick to notice. The hint was hiding in plain sight, since she slipped the sneak peek of a new product smack dab in the middle of the 2018 Birthday Collection promotions.

In the Insta shot, the birthday girl was rocking a one-shoulder, beige, peridot-beaded dress while lounging on a bed. That makes sense — since peridot is her birthstone. Her currently golden blonde hair was center-parted and swept off her face. She rocked well-groomed brows, gilded and sparkling-like-champagne lids, her signature nude x matte lips, and pink, glowing cheeks.

There it is!

In the caption, Jenner ran down which products she was wearing from the birthday repertoire and beyond. She also slipped in that it was a "New Blush Sneak Peeeeek!"

Let's assess and analyze this photographic evidence.

The color was pretty, pigmented, and pale pink. While you have to account for lighting, layering, and buildable coverage, it looked sheer, shimmering, and see-through at the same time.

It appears that we have another Kylie Cosmetics innovation on our hands — and our cheeks. Since the original, naughtily named blushes are matte, pressed powders, it would seem that the new versions might be shimmery, sheer, and/or metallic. These very well could be Kylie Blushes Lite or a brand new, additional formula that will co-exist with the originals. Or it could indicate a shade extension. Or a total reformulation.

For a refresher, here are the original blushes in all of their richly pigmented, pressed matte powder glory. We realize that an Insta tease is an Insta tease and can come months before a product launches or while it's still in development.

But here's something else to take into account. Earlier this summer, Jenner teased that she was reformulating the Kylighters. In an Instagram story around Fourth of July, Jenner teased the new formula. She admitted that while she loved the original, the new texture is her "vibe."

It wasn't clear at the time if she would be totally changing the existing formula or if this would be an addition to the current offerings. It could be an expansion or an upgrade. Anything is possible.

One cannot help but wonder if Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics are reformulating the blush range along with the Kylighters. However, since the brand continues to introduce products with incredible frequency, perhaps it's simply new hues.

Then again, maybe Jenner has found a better formula for face color products. There is nothing wrong with the evolution and improvement of existing hues and textures. She could be adding another offering and option in terms of sheer-ness. That's simply smart business, and Jenner is on her way to newly-minted, self-made billionaire status, even if the internet has expressed its displeasure with that assessment since the 21-year-old was born into wealth and fame.

Bustle reached out to Kylie Cosmetics reps to see if further information on the new blushes is available. Jenner could have been modeling an in-the-works prototype, which means we need to practice patience.

For now, we can simply marvel at how pretty Jenner's shimmering cheeks look with this sneak peek of her new or improved or shade-expanded blush assortment.