Kylie Cosmetics Brought Back This OG Lip Kit Shade & Fans Are Stoked For The '90s Hue

There is no shortage of color choices in the Kylie Lip Kit assortment. There are plenty of nudes, pinks, browns, neutrals, purples, and oranges, oh my! But fans still have loads of affection for the original trio of Lip Kits: Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K. While Candy and Dolce have remained readily available, True Brown hasn't. Until now.

Yes, you can rejoice due to the fact that Kylie Jenner has brought back True Brown K. The '90s-inspired, deep chocolate matte liquid lipstick is getting a reprise due to fan demand and the abundance of requests that she received.

The brand posted about the return of True Brown K on its official Instagram and Twitter. Customers were pleased — to say the very least. True Brown K is currently available in Lip Kit form, which includes a creamy lip liner, as well as in single form, which is just the liquid lippie itself. So whip out that credit card and start shopping.

The dramatic shade is a throwback to Kylie Cosmetics' late 2015 launch and the brand's earliest days — when instant sell outs and limited stock availability were the norm. That's what helped to build Kylie Cosmetics' reputation as a player and a potential billion dollar business unicorn.

It feels like all is right with the Lip Kit universe now that True Brown K is on sale again.

It's also a testament to the fact that the brand is inspired by its customers.

If you've been patiently waiting for this hue to return, you may want to scoop up a tube or three ASAP. It could veritably sell out again.

If you've previously purchased True Brown K and ran out of lipstick but have leftover lip liner, you can totally grab a single tube. Or if you prefer to wear KLKs without their matching liner, that's a viable option, as well. You can use the lipstick wand to trace lips and then fill them in.

Twitter was beyond thrilled about True Brown K's return to prominence.

It's certainly a unique and nostalgic shade.

It's also awesome that Kylie Cosmetics scopes out its social feeds. You asked. They listened. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

True Brown K has fans legit clamoring for the resurrection of another supremely sexy shade — Kourt K. The vampy purple was named after Jenner's eldest sister Kourtney and was bold AF.

It has been absent from the site, which is the brand's main sales platform, for quite some time.

In the Insta comments of the post announcing True Brown K's comeback, fans were quick to inquire about Kourt K.

The same happened on Twitter. The asks are out! If enough Kourt K devotees express their love for the saucy shade and share their desire to paint their lips with it, Jenner and co. could easily put it back into production.

Keep being vocal, Lip Kit Lovers! If you keep requesting Kourt K, there's a high likelihood of an "I see you" moment with Kylie and ko. And wouldn't that be liplicious?

Kourt K certainly has its loyalists. It was one of the gothiest shades the brand ever created.

Kourt K isn't the only "discontinued" shade that fans want to see back in action. Trick, which was a deep, autumnal emerald with black tones, and Dead of Knight, which was a pitch black matte, are fan faves, too. DoK was the most goth of all the KLK shades ever created.

Right now, it's all about True Brown K's resurgence. Let it have its moment and keep your eyes fixed to the brand's social feeds for other possible Lip Kit color comebacks.