Lady Gaga Has Silver Hair Now & It's Actually Pretty Easy To Copy

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If there is one constant when it comes to Lady Gaga's look, it's change. She switches things up on the reg and keeps Little Monsters guessing, especially when it comes to her hair. She's a natural brunette but she is best recognized for her blonde locks. Lady Gaga has silver hair now — just days after debuting lilac-tinted strands in a pic on her boyfriend Christian Carino's Instagram feed in advance of her Enigma Las Vegas residency. Her much-anticipated rez launches on Dec. 28 so Gaga is undoubtedly prepping her fashion and beauty looks for that spectacular spectacle.

What's different about this silver locks look is that Gaga is rocking center-parted, shoulder-skimming, and face-framing loose waves. Previous pitstops at gray hair have seen Mother Monster rocking super long, wizard-like strands or white hot follicles with a silver or gray cast.

This, however, is the most wearable and easy-to-copy silver x gray look the singer, actor, and style icon has ever worn. Her past silver and gray 'dos were very likely the work of wigs or extensions. They also weren't easy to pull off in IRL, either. They were very Gaga-esque and high fashion.

This version of silver is something Little Monsters or even casual fans can achieve or attain by plopping in their colorist's and/or stylist's chair and showing them any of these pics.

Gaga's silver 'do is such a do.

It's not too far removed from her familiar blonde, either. But it's certainly lovely. BTW, you can see Gaga get emotional as she surveys her surroundings in this clip.

Also, didja notice that Gaga is wearing the same black leather jacket and Iron Maiden t-shirt in both pics showing off her new hair hues? She is descending plane steps with her dog while "sleigh"-ing that silver hair.

She is sitting in front of the foundation with the purple-y hair. Perhaps the lilac tint was temporary and wash out? Was it lighting? Does it really matter? No, it doesn't. Gaga looked amazing in both images.

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Gaga has been rocking platinum blonde locks as of late.

Her October 2018 Vogue cover was all about simple glam — an LBD, strong brows, pale lips, and white hot hair.

Gaga has gone gray and slayed silver many times in the past and in many different ways.

Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Gaga opted for a mermaid-like gray on the September 2018 cover of Vanity Fair. It was all about the length and whimsy of her swirling hair.

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Ma Monster also opted for silvery x gray hair at the 2015 Grammys. Her coif matched her metallic dress.

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Like so. It was an excellent pairing.

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Gaga's meat dress was one of her most infamous. Notice, though, she wore it with pink and blue hair with a silver-y base.

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She went with flowing gray x silver hair and a blue x purple tint another time.

Gaga can pull off any hue, shape, or length with her hair. But her latest set of silver strands is something that her fans can totally copy.