"Is Lana Del Rey's "13 Beaches" About Francesco Carrozzini? The Song's Imagery Would Fit


Lana Del Rey's "13 Beaches" Could Be About This Ex

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It's one of the most poignant tracks on the new record and centers on a painful romance, but whether or not Lana Del Rey's "13 Beaches" is about Francesco Carrozzini is a mystery. On the one hand, her last major relationship (at least that the press knew about) was with the film director/photographer who directed her "Ultraviolence" video. The rumored reasons for their split cited by the New York Daily News (namely, that Del Rey wanted more commitment after a year and Carrozzini didn't) seem to be mirrored in the bittersweet lyrics, which touches on the singer "dying for something real." But, on the other hand, it's worth nothing that there are two narratives at play in the song.

One narrative is a troubled relationship. The other is the real story the 32-year-old cites as the inspiration behind "13 Beaches" when speaking with Paris Match. According to her, in the previous summer, she had to visit 13 beaches before she found one that was empty of paparazzi and where she could hang out and read without getting snapped. However, this means there's some photography imagery in the song, which feels a little telling given the fact that Carrozzini took photos of Del Rey for the cover of L’Uomo Vogue.

In two cryptic lines on the track, she sings "With dripping peaches, I'm camera ready/Almost all the time." Potentially, it's a leap, but if they were both working together and loving together, given Carrozzini's profession, it's likely that images of Del Rey formed a substantial part of their relationship. As such, it wasn't enough for her to be beautiful; she had to be "camera ready" most of the time.

But the chorus is even more convincing:

It hurts to love you, but I still love you
It's just the way I feel
And I'd be lying if I kept hiding
The fact that I can't deal
And that I've been dying (yeah)
For something real
That I've been dying for something real

Let's break this down a little. The first few lines are a bit confusing. Why is it such a big deal that she's still in love with this mystery man? And what does the line "the fact that I can't deal" mean? If you're wondering why she would conceivably be thinking about the guy she split with in 2015 almost two years later, according to People in March 2017, he got engaged to Vogue editor Anna Wintour's daughter Bee Shaffer.

To make it worse, according to People, they've only been together since fall 2016, so this is some pretty intense timing. If what the media is reporting is true, then this has to hurt a little, since a New York Daily News' source claimed in 2015 that Del Rey and Carrozzini split because "she's wanted to settle down for over a year now and he's just not there yet." So, it would surely hurt a little bit to learn that a commitment-shy ex was suddenly OK with proposing after just a few months.

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In the context of what was reported about the relationship, the "it hurts to love you" also suggests a possible link to Carrozzini. The New York Daily News claimed that the pair had a "screaming fight" at Los Angeles International Airport in January 2015 that left the Lust For Life star "crying her eyes out." And, according to the same publication's reporting on their November 2015 split, the pair had "broken up briefly a couple of times" between their fight and the permanent break. It doesn't sound as if it was smooth sailing the whole time, if these reports about their relationship hold any water.

So, yes, there may be more recent, rumored romances that you could insert here instead of the handsome Italian — for example, G-Eazy, the rapper she was allegedly spotted kissing at Coachella. But given the intensity of the emotions here, it seems way more likely that this song is about an ex she's not yet over than a present beau.