A Laura Lee Eyeshadow Palette Could Be Coming

From Jaclyn Hill to Kandee Johnson, beauty bloggers seem to always be debuting new collaborations and products, and I couldn't be happier about it. Now, a fan favorite beauty blogger may just have a surprise for fans. A Laura Lee eyeshadow palette may be coming soon if you believe an image that was posted to her Snapchat account on Tuesday. Considering that Laura Lee has created a palette with Violet Voss in the past, it's not hard to believe that she could have another collaboration coming, or is it her own line?

On Tuesday, Laura Lee took to both her Snapchat and Twitter accounts to post an image of what clearly seems to be a collection of eyeshadows inside a palette. While very little is actually seen of the shades since the image is in black and white, there's what seems to be either a glitter or metallic shadow as well as a matte color. While the shades may be a bit unclear, what I do think we know for sure is that a Laura Lee collaboration or makeup line is coming.

However, considering that Lee has collaborated with major brands like Violet Voss and MAC Cosmetics in the past, if I had to guess, this is another collaboration. While this is more than likely a collab, the most mysterious part is who the palette is being created with.

Since posting the original image, Lee has not taken to social media again to discuss the potential palette, but it hasn't stopped her fans from losing their minds — including fellow beauty bloggers.

Beauty blogger Nicol Concilio was even stoked for the teaser.

Other fans are already planning for the release day.

Others just want more information as soon as they can get it, and I'm with them. While there's nothing more than a black and white image of what seems to be a new Laura Lee palette, there's clearly hope for fans that something epic is on the way.