'The Bachelor' Fans Are Wondering If Arie & Lauren B.'s BIG News Is An April Fools' Day Joke

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

Ah, April Fools' Day. An annual 24-hour window wherein the likes of pretty much anyone can happily engage in pranks, jokes, and mysterious "gotcha's" all iterations. Celebrities often get in on the game, which often gives way to some particularly confusing tidbits, like this one: Is Lauren Burnham pregnant? The Bachelor star Arie made an announcement on his Instagram story that the two were expecting "a bunny in the oven" on Sunday, April 1. Since that would be April Fools' Day, though, fans had to wonder if it was true — or just a well-timed April Fools' joke. The former Bachelor star later revealed the punch line via Twitter, with a simple "APRIL FOOLS." Nice one, Arie.

The IG story from earlier on Sunday shows a woman whose face can't be seen (but her blonde hair can) with her hands on a noticeable baby bump. On her neatly-manicured finger sits a sparkly engagement ring — though it's difficult to discern whether the glittery rock matches the one Arie gave Lauren without taking a closer look. Conveniently, the profile shot prevents viewers from really being able to accurately make that call. Overlaying the close-up snapshot, Arie penned a markedly enthusiastic caption (maybe a little too enthusiastic, given the timing; but then again, there's probably no better cause for emphatic celebration than an imminent bundle of joy) which reads, in all-caps, "SECRET IS FINALLY OUT WE HAVE A BUNNY IN THE OVEN!"

Plus, Arie tagged Lauren's Snapchat handle in the photo, suggesting that, at least, the former Bachelor star wants his rabid social media following to think the woman pictured is actually her. And, cue the inevitable cries of frenzied inquiry from the likes of #BachelorNation.

But, despite the woman's conceivable resemblance to Arie's real-life fiancée, the Snapchat photo still seems a little fishy, for a couple of reasons. First of all, social media has been abuzz pretty much all day long with exceedingly enthusiastic rounds of "gotcha" moments, and a wide range of celebrities have made their fair share of contributions to that trend. It seems like almost anyone with a social media following is indulging in this year's annual celebration of all things prank-related, so the possibility that Arie has also hopped on the hijinks bandwagon certainly isn't off the table. Plus, after taking a quick look at the newly-engaged couple's recent social media activity — pre-April Fools' Day, that is — it seems like the facts don't really add up.

Just two weeks ago, the lovestruck couple chronicled their duly picturesque getaway vacation to Barcelona via each of their respective Instagram accounts. One particular photo, which Lauren posted to Instagram March 21, sees the pair perched atop some kind of high-rise balcony, sharing a kiss as they flash their matching wine glasses toward the camera. Captioning the sweet photo, Lauren wrote, "It's been magical, love. So sad to leave our little piece of heaven here in Barcelona. It's been nothing short of amazing." Of course, no sign of a "baby bump."

All that being said, judging by the pair's comments to People last month following the most recent Bachelor season's shocking finale, the couple is definitely thinking about having children. "We're both very excited about marriage and starting a family," Lauren told People during her and Arie's joint interview. Suffice to say, her fiancée certainly echoed that sentiment. "If we get lucky, maybe we'd have twins!" Arie chimed in.

Whether that means the two are starting their family now is still up for interpretation. But if Lauren's one-way ride to Scottsdale, AZ, is any indication (Arie has been sharing snippets of the couple's cross-country road trip, an effort to relocate Lauren to his hometown, on social media all week), it seems pretty safe to say that, new baby or not, the couple is definitely taking big steps toward settling down.

And, since this year's April Fools' will see its end in less than 12 hours, fans can rest assured knowing their questions will probably be answered before tomorrow morning. After all, they don't call it April Fools' Day for nothing.