Is Louis Theroux Married? Nancy Strang Is A Director With A Long BBC Career

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It's a big night for documentary devotees: Louis Theroux finally makes a return to BBC Two with a new three-part series, titled Altered States. In the series, set across the United States, Theroux examines issues of birth, love, and death. The first episode, which airs at 9 p.m., is titled "Love Without Limits"; Theroux looks at polyamory in Portland, Oregon, meeting families who reject the typical expectations of monogamous relationships. But what of the documentarian himself (forgive the tenuous link, won't you): is Louis Theroux married? Here's what we know about his life offscreen.

Theroux married Nancy Strang, a TV director, in 2012, according to OK; they met in 2002, while working at the BBC. That's about all the information available online about Strang's career, as she evidently prefers to keep something of a low profile. She does maintain an active Twitter account, but rarely shares information about herself.

The couple have three children, a Radio Times profile reveals: Albert, Fred, and Walter, aged 11, 9, and 2 when the October 2017 profile went to press. Theroux told the magazine that he finds it difficult to be separated from his children while working, adding, "But sometimes it’s nice to have a break. From the routine. So, it’s not something I could give up lightly."

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He continued, "I have thought about whether it’s fair on the family, me being away a lot. But I get so much out of doing the work. I did stay in the UK for a year after having our third son, which was the right thing to do."

Strang and Theroux moved back to Los Angeles — where Theroux has lived before — in August 2017, the Guardian reports. Where, exactly, is the family based? "A neighbourhood close to the Hollywood sign and the Scientology headquarters," according to the newspaper. Previously, the family lived in Harlesden, London, for over a decade, as Theroux told the Evening Standard.

Here's one more tidbit about Nancy Strang: she appeared on a celebrity episode of Pointless with Theroux in 2015, alongside Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell, Calum and Angie Best, and Gary and Harry Lineker. Theroux and Strang played for two charities: Theroux for the Trussell Trust, which operates a food bank network across the UK, and Strang for Lift, which supports homeless and disadvantaged people in London. Sadly, they didn't win the jackpot, but the show donated £500 to their respective charities all the same.

And that's about all the information Google has to offer about Nancy Strang (and all any misc Internet stranger has any right to know, too). I'll leave you with an anecdote from Louis Theroux about filming "Love Without Limits." Theroux told the Sun that he asked his wife's permission before attending a "blindfolded sensual dinner," explaining, "She’s a very understanding and cool person, not the sort of person to get insecure and in a flap about something like that."

"I don’t remember what she said," he continued. "Probably something like, 'By the way, you still haven’t taken out the rubbish.'"