Christen & Jasmine Are So Over Matt After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Kayla Hawkins
Paul Hebert/ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 hasn't produced many successful couples so far — there hasn't really been a Tanner and Jade or even an Evan and Carly-worthy union, even after several episodes following the cast as they spend time together on the beach, hoping to fall in love. Matt Munson didn't have much luck on The Bachelorette, winding up with most of his exciting moments offscreen, but on BiP 4, his relationship with Jasmine had some potential. But after that relationship went up in flames, it's still not clear if Matt is single after Bachelor in Paradise or if he's managed to stay attached after the show's fourth season has come to an end. Matt and Jasmine's relationship seemed like it was continuing on at a steady clip, but was interrupted by Christen's arrival — and now everything is a mess.

When Christen arrived and expressed some interest in Matt, Jasmine was skeptical. But Matt, in his infinite wisdom, decided to not just go on Christen's date, but to encourage her to ask him out, make out with her, then turn around and go back to Jasmine as if nothing had happened. Honestly, after that, Matt came across as more than a bit villanous. But then he chose to abruptly leave the show in the middle of a rose ceremony, because it all became too much for him. So, he certainly doesn't seem to have left Paradise with anyone.

Since returning from the show, he hasn't really posted any photos with another woman or even alluded to being anything less than single. If anything, he's dialed up the amount of posts he's made about becoming friends with the men of Bachelor Nation, rather than teasing or hinting about a possible romantic relationship. Matt even captioned the below Instagram post with a highly bromantic, "People always ask if it's real. Trust me, this is about as real as it gets."

Post-Paradise filming, in an interview with Gina J. for 96.5 Tic FM, Matt reminisced about what he liked about Rachel Lindsay — namely, her practical approach to eliminating contestants. "I thought there were many times where I was a little skeptical at the beginning and I thought… she could go one of two ways here, with this decision. If she chooses this, if she keeps this guy hanging around, then I’m not really buying this whole thing. But every time when she was faced with this decision, I thought she made the one that that made the most sense." Perhaps that's why Matt chose to leave the show — he couldn't make a choice between Jasmine and Christen needed to instead go home, which "made the most sense."

Because, even if Matt is not single right now, he sure isn't in a relationship with Jasmine or Christen. Jasmine is busy recasting her next love interest in Paradise as Jack Stone, while Christen has been making jokes about her romantic woes on Bachelor in Paradise throughout the night of her debut, choosing dogs over men in what can honestly be called a wise move. Both women seem to have totally moved on from Matt.

Matt had one of the strangest journeys on Bachelor in Paradise yet. From a burgeoning relationship, to two women fighting over him, to a surprise self-elimination choice, Matt certainly kept the audience surprised. But, after his strange choice to leave the show and his lack of any other relationship hints all suggest that Matt is thinking about his BiP time from a very single perspective right now.