Here's How 'AHS: Apocalypse' Could Be Connected To 'Asylum'


There have been a lot of mysteries surrounding Ms. Mead on AHS: Apocalypse. First, it was revealed she was a robot. Then, it was believed she was modeled after Michael's grandmother, Constance Langdon. But after "Return to Murder House" showed she was made in the image of a Satanist that raised Michael after Constance killed herself to get away from him, fans have begun to float around some other theories about Mead's background. And one, in particular, may connect Apocalypse to yet another season: Is Mead actually Jenny from AHS: Asylum?

Because it's been over five years since Asylum aired and it's unlikely you remember who the heck Jenny is, let's back up. The young girl was a very minor character who appeared in Episode 6 of AHS: Asylum. Her parents brought her to Briarcliff after she lured her friend into the woods, murdered her, and took a lock of her hair. However, Sister Jude told the family that Briarcliff didn't have a children's ward, so they would have to seek help for Jenny elsewhere. Later in the episode, it was revealed Jenny went on to murder her parents, taking locks of their hair as well. Both times she was able to get away with the murder by blaming it on a mysterious man.


Now, how can this possibly relate to Mead? One theory circulating on Twitter suggests that perhaps Jenny is Mead when she was a little girl. After all, Mead would have been a child in the '60s, when Asylum took place. And, most importantly, when Jenny was at Briarcliff, she had her first encounter with the devil: She had a brief conversation with Sister Mary Eunice, a sweet nun who became possessed for most of the season. Perhaps it was this childhood meeting with the Dark Lord that inspired Mead to dedicate the rest of her life to worshipping Satan.

When you think about it, that actually makes a lot of sense. From Coven to Murder House to Hotel, Apocalypse has been filled with connections to past seasons. Why wouldn't that include Asylum? Both it and Apocalypse have dealt heavily with Satanism, and Mead even told Venable that "killing is in [her] DNA," a good indicator that maybe she started her murderous rampages when she was just a kid.

Others, however, have pointed out some potential holes in this theory — namely, that Mead previously described her first murder, and it wasn't a childhood friend. In a conversation with Miss Venable, the robot version of Mead revealed that she had been a bounty hunter, and it was during an assigned hit that she made her first kill, not as a child in the '60s. There's also the much smaller fact that Mead's first name is Miriam, not Jenny, but it's not exactly uncommon to change your name... especially when you're a bounty hunter/Occult member.

Whether or not Mead actually is Jenny, she's clearly the most important figure in Michael's life. After all, he went to great lengths to reincarnate her in robot form. In the battle that is certainly coming between the Coven and Michael, Mead will likely play a pivotal role. Cordelia managed to kill her once, but surely Robot Mead will be harder to get rid of. Whoever Mead really is, she'll be the biggest thing standing in the way of taking down Michael.