Is Melissa Benoist Singing In 'The Flash' Musical Episode? 'Supergirl' Can Definitely Belt Out A Tune

Jack Rowand/The CW

The latest Flash and Supergirl crossover has a special hook — it's a musical, and one that will feature the usually spandex-clad heroes belting their hearts out without their powers. And with the much-hyped musical approaching, it's worth wondering if Melissa Benoist will be singing. And it turns out that Benoist, along with the many talented singers in the casts of Supergirl and The Flash, are going to be performing their own vocals, and they should all be up to the task. That's right, there will be a whole episode filled with musical performances as the characters have to figure out how to stop the evil Music Meister, who can control people through song and make them sing their feelings, all while trapped in an alternate dimension.

According to TV Line, Benoist will be singing during the crossover, along with her fellow Glee stars Grant Gustin and Darren Criss, and The CW's biggest Broadway stars, like Jesse L. Martin and Victor Garber. So far, there haven't been too many looks behind the scenes to show what the cast will be performing. Luckily, there is a teaser that gives viewers a hint of Benoist singing "Moon River," the song that became famous in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Her voice sounds incredible, and the 1920s nightclub setting is a real change from the usual sterile labs that give The Flash its science fiction-y look.

But it's no surprise that Benoist's vocal performance in "Duets" sounds so strong and self-assured. She spent three seasons on Glee, singing in nearly every single episode. You may remember that she played Marley, one of the new characters introduced in Season 4, and quickly became one of the stars of New Directions.

Eventually, after a few dramatic moments like fainting onstage during a competition and making her way through a love triangle, Marley was transferred to another school and didn't appear in the show's sixth and final season. But Benoist didn't leave Glee before getting the chance to show off her great voice.

Even outside of her TV performances, Benoist has showcased her vocals before. After being cast on Glee, she frequently could be seen performing in a concert setting, showing that she's capable of singing a TV-ready studio track and that she can sing live.

And, before she became a TV star, she was a theater student at Marymount Manhattan College, starring in musical productions like Thoroughly Modern Millie, another early look at her eventual success.

So even though Benoist doesn't normally get the chance to sing on Supergirl (but she has, on occasion, given a musical recap of the show), you don't have to worry about whether or not her abilities are up to the Music Meister's challenging task. All signs point to Benoist doing an excellent job in The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover.