Music Meister Arrived On 'Supergirl' & The Stage Is Set For The 'Flash' Musical Crossover

Dean Buscher/The CW

Supergirl may have shaken things up relationship-wise and introduced Mon-El's fascinating royal parents on Monday, but since the musical crossover with The Flash is only a day away, I'm grateful that we got a little tease. At the end of the episode, Music Meister arrived on Supergirl, providing the conflict that will kick off Tuesday's song and dance spectacular.

Like any good performer, he knows how to make an entrance. Right off the bat, Darren Criss' character arrived in a way that was overtly theatrical and poked fun at super villain tropes. He openly admitted that he wanted to get get caught by the DEO so that he could find Kara. Isn't that always the case? Never trust a comic book baddie who gets taken down too easily.

Then, the Meister seemingly hypnotized Kara with his eyes. Once she was in a trance, he grabbed Winn's inter-dimensional portal gadget and went off in pursuit of Barry Allen. Kara collapsed, still in some kind of coma. I guess MM is just trusting that someone will take her to Earth-1? Maybe that's just a risk he's willing to take for the fun of it. He certainly does seem to live for the drama.

Kara may have said she would appreciate a post-breakup vacation in another realm, but according to the promo for Tuesday's crossover, she might be regretting that wish. Music Meister's production values include life and death stakes. As dashing and charming as his appearance on Supergirl may be, Kara and Barry are in for quite the treacherous tuner.