Is My Relationship Toxic? 11 Signs To Look Out For, According To Experts

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Relationships go through their ups and downs. But there are huge differences between being in toxic relationships and healthy ones. In general, healthy relationships are fairly easy to spot. You know you're in one when you feel safe, cared for, loved, and respected — and don't ever really have to question it. The signs you're in a toxic relationship, on the other hand, can be a little less obvious.

My experience of being in a toxic relationship started very gradually. In the beginning, things were amazing. He was super sweet, very supportive, caring, and he managed to make himself a fixture in my day-to-day routine through texts or in person interactions. But as time went on, we both became pretty horrible to each other. I was just as much of a toxic partner to him as he was to me. We both knew how to push each other's buttons to the point that both of us left arguments feeling extremely hurt. While we knew we were both bad for each other, we still kept coming back together, repeating the same cycle over and over again until it finally ended.

Toxic relationships can have a way of completely draining you to the point that you don't even know how you managed to get so far deep into it in the first place. Sometimes you're not even really aware of it until you really take a step back and wonder why your days have been filled with more tears and frustration than joy and laughter. When you're happy, you always know it, but for some reason, it takes time to realize that things aren't so great.

So if you've been wondering if your relationship is toxic, here's what experts say is the one sign to look out for:

1. Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist And Host Of The Web


2. Dr. JaNaè Taylor, Virginia Beach-Based Licensed Psychotherapist

3. Carrie Askin, LCSW, Co-Director Of Therapy Program, Menergy

4. Jennifer Warner, LCSW, Psychotherapist And Licensed Clinical Social Worker


5. Julienne Derichs, LCPC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

6. Bonnie Winston, Professional Matchmaker And Dating Coach

7. Kimberly Hershenson, LMSW, NYC-Based Therapist Specializing In Relationships


8. Nicole Iannelli, Owner Of Ocean State Mental Health Counseling

9. Sunny Rodgers, Clinical Sexologist And Certified Sex Coach

10. David Bennett, Certified Counselor And Relationship Expert


11. Barbara Winter, PhD., Psychologist And Sexologist

Toxic relationships may not be as easy to spot as healthy ones. According to experts, there are a lot of basic essentials lacking in toxic relationships that healthy relationships have (i.e. respect, positivity, compassion, etc.). But if you're aware of the signs, it can give you a better idea of what you need to do with your relationship moving forward.