See NYX Cosmetics' Total Control Foundation Brush

This season has brought tons of makeup launches, but this one is a little different. Instead of just launching a brand new face product, NYX Cosmetics created a Custom Cover Foundation Brush to go with it. Think of it as one post-holiday duo that you won't want to go without. If you're wondering what you're shopping options are for the new makeup and tool, here's the beauty breakdown. Because you're definitely going to want to snag both of these items.

In case you missed the social media announcement, let me fill you in. NYX Cosmetics created their first ever dropper foundation The Custom Cover Drop Foundation will let you chose how much coverage you want. Pretty awesome, right? Well, it gets better. They created a brand new brush to go along with it.

According to their social media posts, the Custom Cover Drop Foundation and Brush will be available on Dec. 28.

That's not too much longer to wait! As of right now, there's no official word on whether these two will be sold together or separately. Based on their past launches, I'm willing to bet that they will only sell both separately though. Their other foundation tools sell anywhere from $7 to $19, so you can bet that the new one won't be much more than that.

The tool was designed to work perfectly with the foundation, according to the company's Snapchat. All you have to do is add a few drops right onto the brush and start applying it to your face. I love that it's hygienic and super easy to build up.

Color-wise, the brush looks just the same as their other tools. What's different is the bristles on top. It's more of a stippling brush, which is less bristles, so you can get a more airbrushed coverage. Just add as many of little drops as you'd like. Oh, and as an added bonus, the new foundation comes it 24 shades.

This seems like a match made in beauty heaven, if I've ever seen one! You might not be able to give this as a holiday gift, but you can give an e-gift card to make sure your beauty-centered friend has enough cash to buy the pair on launch day.

Images: nyxcosmetics/Instagram (1), Snapchat (2)