Paris Jackson Just Dyed Her Hair Peach & It Looks So Unique

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Spring is officially here and with it — a slew of new hair hues and coif inspo. Sure, there is a sea of pastel pink dye jobs and multi-colored mermaid tones on the warm weather horizon. There's even Harry Potter x Butterbeer-inspired locks. But Paris Jackson has peachy pink hair right now and it could very well be the strands shade of summer 2018.

Jackson shared a pic on her personal Insta, showing off her shaggy, beachy 'n' peachy locks. It's almost a rose gold tone. But the color positively pops, thanks to the choppy layers that frame her face and those gorgeous, piercing blue eyes of hers.

In her selfie, Jackson looks oh so festival ready. With an ever-growing smattering of colorful tattoos that tell her story and are placed all over her body, she is also rocking layers of necklaces, stacked rings, and plenty of bracelets. Her accessories, her print bra top, and her hair hue are ready for Coachella Weekend!

Jackson captioned the snap "Feelin' peachy." She is about to kick off a hair color trend that could rule the next several months — however unintentional. The actor, who just turned 20, will inspire you to book an immediate appointment with your colorist to replicate this hue.

As Allure reports, other colorists label this shade "a copper peach ombre melt," which sounds like a delish desert you would order at a fancy restaurant. It's warm, golden, peachy, and pinky.

Ultimately, it's pretty and actually wearable. If you don't want to go with a single or uniform shade, you can get tonality, depth, dimension, and lots of versatility with this dye job.

Colorist Riawna Capri from Nine Zero One salon, which is an establishment that many celebs frequent, also posted a photo of Jackson. She looked forever the Cali girl in the profile shot that showed off the multiple pink tones of her hair. The golden aviators match both Jackson's 'do hue and her overall aesthetic. Capri hashtagged the look as "#PeachyParis" and likened her locks to a Bali sunrise. That sums her follicles up perfectly.

In certain lighting, the shade can look golden and pink. In others, it takes on more of a coppery tone. That's the beauty of a hair color like this. It's like an evolving work of art. Plus, it's not outrageous and therefore problematic if you work somewhere that has a strict dress code.

It will also work with so many skin tones and eye colors. So, yeah, you might be inspired to ask for peachy pink or "sunset" hair next time you find yourself plopped in a salon chair.

If you need something to help shake off the winter doldrums while refreshing and revamping your look, a new hue is an easy and not terribly expensive way to do so.

Fans were feeling Jackon's latest look. She can often be counted on to "go for it" with playful, multi-toned looks and some combo of brunette and blonde.

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Jackson recently rocked honey blonde waves.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her golden, high pony was a chic take on an everyday style.

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Her brushed back blonde was also utterly gorj.

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Jackson is no stranger to the ombre fade, having once mixed milk chocolate with golden strands.

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This textured look with darker roots and bangs was one of her best!

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Jackson has also gone short and shaggy before. This long and shabby lob in a bright, buttery hue is somewhat similar to the cut she is rocking with her peach locks.

While her current pitstop at peach could inspire a tress trend for Summer 2018, Jackson remains an endless source of hair inspo and beyond with her look and vibe.