Rachel's In 'Master Of None' Season 2, Right?

by S. Atkinson

Dating the diminutive music publicist was the high point in Dev's often stormy love life. So will Rachel be in Master Of None Season 2? So far, it doesn't look good on this front. After the new teaser trailer for the show dropped on Wednesday, April 5, we realized we'd gained a new star (John Legend) but there was no sight of that actor Noel Wells, the face behind the fictional publicist.

Like the rest of you, I badly want this to be a mistake. Or a late April Fool's. Or even a particularly sadistic plot twist. Maybe all of this absence and footage of Dev seemingly going on a whole string of so-so dates is so that, in the very final episode of Season 2, Wells can emerge, and we'll all be screaming and crying on our sofas, like we did to the Red Wedding. But, you know, this time because we're happy.

But maybe life doesn't work like that. While I checked the comedian's Twitter account there were no mentions of Master of None or its trailer, potentially giving weight to my not-that-convincing plot twist theory. (Because Wells is friends with Anzari now, right? Wouldn't she want to support her friends?)

Deep breaths, people. There are actually a few pieces of evidence to the contrary. Let's explore. For a start, there's the description of Season 2 from Netflix themselves:

"After traveling abroad, Dev returns to New York to take on challenges in his personal and family life, a new career opportunity, and a complex, developing relationship with someone very meaningful to him."

Who could someone very meaningful to him be? Bingo. If half of this series if set in New York, then this trailer's playing with us a bit, because it makes it look like the entirety of the second season will be set in Italy. If they're deliberately keeping the New York parts to a minimum, my guess would be that's because Wells features prominently in them.

The actor also posted a Throwback Thursday photo showing them recording the Season 1 episode "Mornings," but, in the caption, she stated:

Lots of improv lots of fun lots of stuff we did that made us all really happy proud of @azizansari and @alanmyang second season coming May 12th!

I'm sure she's just a good person and promoting her friends' series she was once a part of. Or she's sneakily promoting something she's also a part of, if only for a few final episodes at the close of Season 2.

So, I'm calling it. Wells' absence, the lack of New York scenes in the trailer, and the lack of a new romantic interest is too suspicious in a show that's supposedly about love, sex, and dating. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the actor will almost certainly be in Season 2.