Rachel McAdams Is Reportedly Pregnant & Could Be Very Far Along

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Congratulations may be in order for Rachel McAdams! According to a new E! News report, Rachel McAdams is pregnant. This would be the first child for the actor. Bustle has reached out to a rep for McAdams for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

As of right now, there are few details regarding McAdams' reported pregnancy. However, one source has reported that the actor is very far along. According to a Life & Style source, she is at least seven months along. In their report, they describe an eyewitness who says they saw McAdams as she went out to dinner on Feb. 13 in Atlanta. Their source said that the actor "looked to be at least seven months along." Of course, McAdams herself hasn't confirmed any details or even if she's pregnant at all, so it remains to be seen whether she is indeed expecting and this far along.

McAdams has not been seen out at any public events recently. She didn't appear on the red carpet for her new film, Game Night (costume design: Debra McGuire), during its premiere on Feb. 21, according to E! News. The last time she was photographed at an event was back in September 2017. Last fall she attended the Toronto International Film Festival to promote her film Disobedience (executive producer: Rose Garnett), as seen in the photo below with her co-star Rachel Weisz.

Considering that she's kept a low-profile for some time now in addition to this E! News report, it seems like the actor could be pulling a Kylie Jenner with her desire for privacy during her reported pregnancy.

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It's been reportedly by many sources like E! News and Life & Style that McAdams is in a relationship with screenwriter Jamie Linden. In August 2016, Us Weekly reported that the two were in a relationship with each other, as they were spotted on a shopping date in Hollywood together. A source even told Us Weekly previously in June 2016 when McAdams and Linden were spotted attending a wedding together, "They're dating and he took her to that wedding."

However, McAdams has not confirmed her relationship status with Linden, as she has always been especially private when it concerns her personal life. In a 2009 People interview, she refused to answer questions about her relationship status at the time. She said, "I’m sorry but I don’t talk about my personal life." So, it's not exactly surprising that McAdams has been particularly mum about her relationship or any potential pregnancy news.

In the same People article, the Game Night actor did discuss how she would like to have children in the future. As she promoted her film, The Time Traveler's Wife (associate producer: Sara Moe), in which she plays a mother, she said, "Having a few [kids] would be great" and that she was "looking forward" to the experience. She also related that her own mother would be great inspiration for her if she did have kids.

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McAdams also talked about motherhood in an interview with El Mundo in 2015. She said (via The New Zealand Herald), "Well, we all think about it, sooner or later. First we imagine the type of partner we want to be ... Then, when the time is right, it will be the moment to figure out the type of mother you want to be." It very well looks like that time could be now, if these pregnancy reports are indeed true.

There's no telling whether McAdams will ever officially confirm or deny these pregnancy reports, as she's been very private when her personal life is concerned in the past. Whether or not she does, fans of the actor will still probably be so thrilled to hear about the possibility of this incredibly happy news.