A Rihanna Lingerie Line Might Be Happening & Twitter Is Basically Fainting

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Anytime Rihanna enters a commerce space, she absolutely dominates. Rihanna's Puma x Fenty fashion collab is now in its fourth season with the singer in the plum role of creative director. Her inclusive Fenty Beauty brand is utterly owning the makeup realm. Word is Rihanna is about to launch a lingerie line and the internet is already straight up shook at the idea of the infinitely sexy superstar designing underthings.

Women's Wear Daily reports that Rihanna and TechStyle Fashion Group, which backs Kate Hudson's Fabletics, Shoe Dazzle (which was co-founded by Kim Kardashian back in 2009), Just Fab, and more, are teaming up to create the undies collection.

Multiple reports state that reps for both Rihanna and the TechStyle have yet to comment or confirm the collab. Bustle also reached out to each camp for further info. Ultimately, we'll all have to be patient and await more official intel.

Still, that didn't stop Twitter from expressing its rampant joy over the notion. But more on that in a sec.

WWD also alleges that sources have said that a RiRi underwear line has been in the works for over a year now and it's at a point where samples have been produced.

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If that nugget of info is indeed true, then a Rihanna lingerie line feels it will arrive sooner than later. TechStyle has enjoyed massive success in the athleisure and shoe spaces. It make senses for the company to want to expand into lingerie with a trendsetter and instant influencer like Rihanna.

Courtesy of Puma

When Rihanna is involved in a fashion or beauty launch, it's nothing short of epic. Her latest season of Fenty x Puma boasts an unexpected beach x bike vibe and it's flawlessly executed.

Fabletics, whose mantra is "where fitness meets fashion," certainly has its hardcore following. So without seeing even a stitch of apparel, it feels like there is no possible way this concept can't or won't be awesome.

That's because Rihanna has the Midas Touch whenever she develops a product. The Navy aka her fans show up in droves and answer with their dollars. Even casual fans of her music aren't immune to the gravitational pull of her clothes and cosmetics. She really understands what customers in these realms want.

The internet was thrilled at the prospect of Rihanna-backed lingerie and wasn't shy about expressing such desires.

When a user pledges this sort of purchasing allegiance without even an official confirmation of the lingerine line, you know you've got a hit on your hands.

It's time to wave goodbye to dat money.

This Kim Kardashian West meme is often used when a celeb-backed collab is being discussed. Yet it totally applies.

Everybody wants some!

Of course Twitter users dropped memes in response to the news. Like this one!

This tweet certainly sums up all of the feels. Rihanna is a #legend and she does own every single revenue stream and industry in which she traffics.

Truth. This tweet is simple but it makes a huge point. Rihanna is an artist and she is certainly creative. But she is also smart and established business woman.

So are we. So is the Navy. So is Twitter. So is life.

This fan account reminded the Twitterverse about Rihanna's previous partnerships involving lingerie. She has come a long way since the Armani collabo.

That's a pretty safe assumption. Everything Rihanna does is straight fire.

Zing. Done. Boom. Over.

Calling all other lingerie and underwear brands. Rihanna is coming for you and for all shoppers. While we don't know what aesthetic a Rihanna lingerie line will entail just yet, we can safely assume it will be sexy, inclusive, and desirable. Just like everything else she does.