Fenty Beauty's Body Lava Has Officially Landed & Fans Are ALL Over It

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

The glow is real and it's here. Rihanna's much-anticipated Fenty Beauty Body Lava and Fairy Bomb have arrived as part of her limited edition Beach, Please summer collection. These skin-loving products will give you that sun-kissed glow for summer — adding all the essential shimmer and glimmer to the bare limbs that you'll be showing off as weather gets warmer and layers get shed. Body glitter was such a thing the '90s and it's back, courtesy of Rih.

The magic potions come in two tones and arrived on Friday, April 6. All of the products are currently on sale and available at the Sephora site.

However, as of press time, the standalone Kabuki brush and the bundles, featuring either luminizer shade and the Fairy Bomb pom pom combo, are sold out at the Fenty Beauty site.

Here's to hoping for a quick Rih-stock of the bundles.

One of the most refreshing things about this brand — besides the fact that it disrupted the beauty industry by being inclusive from the get-go and launching with 40 foundation shades, many in dark hues that sold out on the quick — is its availability.

Fenty Beauty's supply consistently meets the demand, unlike Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty, whose sellouts leave a wake of frustrated and empty-handed shoppers airing their grievances on social media when they are shut out from making a purchase.

Producing limited stock so that sellouts are inevitable and thus increase the desire for a hard-to-get product is an effective marketing tactic. But it doesn't make for a fun user experience.

The fact that you can easily shop the Fenty Beauty products, both IRL and online, is relief for beautyistas.

The Body Lava Luminizers, which come in Brown Sugar, a golden bronze, and Who Needs Clothes, a rose gold, are also shoppable at Sephora stores. Therefore, you can cruise over to the mall and test 'em out. Experience the smell, the texture, and the formula before committing your dollars with a purchase.

As it clearly states on the brand's site, you will get sun-soaked sparkle from head to toe with this collection. And who doesn't want that?

The Beach, Please bundles are $135 and feature either Brown Sugar or Who Needs Clothes along with the Fairy Bomb and the brush.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

For now, you'll need to purchase some of these dewy glow-getters as separates if you shop at the Fenty Beauty site.

Customers and members of the Rihanna Navy were vocal on Twitter about the flow 'n' glow of Body Lava.

Take a dip!

Need. Want. Get.

But some fans didn't love the almost $60 price tag.

Others didn't care and were happy to part with their cash, considering the infinite glow worth the spend.

The product has the internet all sorts of shook.

This meme captures all of the feels.

Body Lava is ballin'.

A Body Lava-generated glow is bound to be so bright that it communicates with the satellites in space.