Rihanna’s Newest Fenty Product Only Comes In Two Shades, But People Are Already Freaking Out

The newest Fenty Beauty product on the horizon is liquid luxury designed for the body. It's basically Rihanna's otherworldly, much-desired radiance captured in luminizer form. The Fenty Beauty Body Lava formula shimmers and glimmers. These creamy illuminators melt into skin and give it a golden, glorious, and decidedly extra glow. We know this because Rihanna demonstrated it via her Instagram story.

The singer, actor, Puma Creative Director, and beauty guru revealed the Body Lava — and more, including a Kabuki brush and the shimmer-packed Fairy Bomb powder puffs— on her personal Instagram story. Fenty fans and beauty lovers are so ready to slather their arms, legs, limbs, decolletage, collarbones, and other body parts with these skin-loving potions.

Body Lava drops on Friday, April 6. There are two shades so far. There's Who Needs Clothes, which is a sparkly, champagne-y, and utterly rose gold hue. Then there's Brown Sugar, which is a rich, golden, and super sweet bronze.

Both shades look universally wearable and will highlight your natural skin color, giving it that much-coveted, lit from within glow. Your skin will appear sultry and sun-kissed, without having to soak up the actual rays of the actual sun.

You will also want to dip your entire body in these molten, metallic moisturizers, which will give you all of the '90s body glitter feels.

So. Much. Shimmer. If you were already planning to update your wardrobe of summer beauty products, the Body Lavas are your best bet. You will use 'em every time you show off skin. It's as though Rihanna captured fire in a bottle and distilled it down to her signature glow.

The shades look totally complimentary. You should be able to blend them for a customized gleam.

Rihanna is excited and you should be, too! Bring on summer and bare skin slicked with Body Lava.

Rihanna tested the products IRL — "In Rihanna Life"— showing her fans and followers how luxe and lush the formula is.

Who Needs Clothes is aptly named, with its soft, millennial pink hue. Who wants to wear apparel and thus cover their shimmery, Body Lava-kissed skin?

Brown Sugar is so gilded. It'll give you that "I just got back from a week in an exotic locale" glow. You know, the kind that Rihanna emits all of the time.

Check out Rih's golden, goddess-y glow.

Of course the internet is already expressing devotion and loyalty towards Body Lava without even touching or smelling it yet. That said, Fenty Beauty has consistently churned out high quality, totally inclusive products in its seven months of existence. Therefore, Rihanna and her brand have earned that sort of loyalty.

Edible indeed!

This user reminded — or is that "rih-minded?"— us that the singer is also working on a lingerie line. She is bringing the sexy in a multitude of ways.

Rihanna's mogul status cannot be disputed. And yes, we really do need Body Lava.

This is also true. Rihanna was all sorts of sultry when slathering her shoulder with her latest product innovation.

There are already many fans who plan to take this same course of action.

The Body Lava launch is already shaping up to be a big one for Fenty Beauty. But that shouldn't come as a surprise.

Her strategy of demonstrating how the product reacts with her skin certainly worked wonders. She has people lining up and verbally committing their dollars.


You know, this user has a point. Body Lava could be Rih's entry into the festival beauty sweepstakes.

The Edward Cullen sparkle finally has a cosmetic counterpart and it's Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Body Lavas in Who Need Clothes & Brown Sugar.

Welcome to the Fenty family!