Rogelio Could Be Heading To The Altar On 'Jane'

Robert Voets/The CW

Jane the Virgin dealt fans a major cliffhanger in the Feb. 6 episode, following up a shocking death with three-year time-jump. In that future scene, a well-dressed and well-coiffed Jane was heading off to a mysterious wedding. The big question, of course, is who is getting married, and it's definitely possible that Jane is going to Rogelio's wedding. After all, we last saw him in a heading-towards-serious relationship with celebrity matchmaker Darci Factor. What started off as an emotionless, co-parenting contract quickly escalated into what could potentially be a true relationship of equals, perhaps best summed up by the genesis of their The De La Factor Factor reality show.

Plus, a full-on Rogelio wedding is something we all need to see. Sure, it was great seeing him in Father of the Bride-zilla mode during Jane and Michael's nuptials, but just imagine the sheer drama (not to mention the sheer volume of lavender, everywhere) his wedding planning would entail. Add Darci's own personal flair for dramatics into the equation and we're building towards an event truly worthy of a telenovela.

Unfortunately, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told Rotten Tomatoes back in January that Darci won't be around much longer — One Day at a Time actress Justina Machado originally signed on for a six-episode guest arc, which doesn't leave her with enough time to marry Rogelio. Unless, of course, it is their wedding in the future, but they call it off.

Robert Voets/The CW

There's also always the (admittedly unlikely) possibility that Rogelio could be wedding Xiomara. Sure, they're both currently in stable relationships with different people, but a lot can happen in three years. And the main obstacle that ultimately kept them apart — Rogelio's desire to have a second child — may not turn out to be a factor in the future. Jaime Camil recently spoke about fatherhood on and offscreen to Mic, and as he put it, "I think [Rogelio] will satisfy his craving of having a kid [and raising that child from birth] with his grandson."

Could that shift in viewpoint leave the door open for a reunion with Xiomara? And could that reunion come just in time for the big wedding three years into Jane the Virgin's future? Let's hope that we don't have to wait three years for more clues.