Is Russell Tovey Married? The 'Years & Years' Star Has Some Pretty Inspiring Words About Finding Love


If you're anything like me, you'll be pumped for the very first episode of new dystopian TV series Years And Years, which is on tonight (May 14 2019). The new Russell T Davies drama has garnered a lot of attention, including when it comes to the cast, which includes the likes of Emma Thompson and Russell Tovey. But is Russell Tovey married? Let's take a look at the actor's love life to find out.

Well, the short answer is no, he is not married. But he very nearly was. In fact, Tovey and his boyfriend, fitness coach and rugby player Steve Brockman, became engaged in February 2018, according to E!.

At the time, Tovey told the Daily Mail that the engagement was "completely unexpected," but that he was "very very happy and looking forward to having a proper party to celebrate." It's not clear how long the pair had been together, but they had been seen together out and about and at events the previous year (2017).

However, in June 2018, it was revealed that sadly the pair decided to end their engagement and part ways. The news came to light when Tovey was asked by one fan on his Instagram if he was still with Brockman (after seemingly deleting pictures of him from his page), to which he responded: "No darling."

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However, Tovey appears to be positive about the future and is determined to have kids as a single father if the right man doesn't come along. He told the Gay Times in August 2018: "Having kids is something that is becoming fundamentally important to me. I remember being at school, junior school, and already wanting to be a dad. I wanted to be an actor, a history teacher and a dad. Now I’m 36, I’m giving myself three years. If I haven’t met someone that wants kids, I’m going to do it by myself.” Yuuussss!

He also told the Times in a recent interview that he was confident he would find love again. "Oh, I’m not worried about finding love again at all,” he explained. "I’ve got not one doubt there’s some one out there for me. I’m sure I’ll have some shitty dates along the way, but it’s a great adventure.”

I love this attitude!

Tovey takes on the role of Daniel Lyons in BBC's new show Years And Years, which debuts tonight (May 14 2019). Daniel is a member of the family at the centre of the show, which begins in 2019 and continues over the course of the next 15 years.

The dystopian drama shows how life in Manchester for an average family could change over the next 15 years, and how issues in politics, technology, and society affect the world — often negatively. Perhaps most notably, veteran actor Emma Thompson plays Vivienne Rook, a populist politician figure trying to take power.

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You can watch the trailer for Years And Years below, ahead of tonight's debut:

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Years And Years will begin airing tonight, Tuesday 14 May at 9pm on BBC1. The six-part series will then air weekly.